Cho | Trampa MTB | Motor Mount | 10S4P | Enclosure

Merry Christmas everyone!

I’ve been eager to build eMTB for a while, I must say “thank you” for the great build threads on the forum that makes this build so much easier. The hardest part is just waiting for the packages to arrive this time around.

This build is going to be very quick and straightforward, nothing new so I won’t go into the details, it’ll be just picture time!

Please let me know if I am missing anything!

I’ve got the boards while ago, seems little heavier than I thought, but it’s very nice and sturdy and I like the flex.

Motor Mount

The first thing that comes to my mind is getting the belt tension right without skipping teeth, I wasn’t comfortable tightening M4 screws not to slip on the motors from my previous design.

So, now I am using M6 screws to get hold of 15mm aluminum for the truck and 8mm for the motor.

I used Fusion 360 for the sketch.


Man, how are you guys able to get to these nuts? this is the hardest thing so far, I was hoping a tool comes with the package.

Finally, I found this in my tool box.

For the 72t wheel pulleys, I got it from and cut the middle out. It saves tons of time milling, It’s about $30 plus shipping for each, not cheap but it’s top-notch.

. Also, I printed wheel spacers(10mm) to create the gap between the motor pulley and the wheel.

Test fittings… Honestly, I can’t stand the shiny stickers on the motors, great motor(149kv) though.

M6 grub screws.

adding the idlers, this is just temporary, it will be replaced with bigger ones.

Battery Enclosure

I have built this one while back, I won’t go into details about the infusion process since it has been covered in my other threads.


3d printed.

Resin applied before the molding process.

Don’t have a picture of the mold as of now.

Polished. It’s 23 inches long, I am planning to use it for a shorter board as well.


Looks nice. What are you doing for the enclosure???:grin:

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You just need to be building more boards so this doesn’t happen to you…lol

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That looks sweeeeeeet What are u going to do with the other trampa Board

I use this 8mm wrench


I have other long boards to ride but eMTB, can’t wait to try this one.

I am building two of them at the same time, It will be more fun to ride with someone. :yum:

Yeah that 8mm nut was frustrating! I was eventually able to get a wrench in there.

How are you handling the flex joints for the enclosure? I’d be so worried about long term shorts.

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I never tried this one, I thought it’s too big without actually sticking into it.
Now I know.

I found a way today, just go from the oposite side through spring side.

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I’ve built the flexible carbon fiber decks for quite some time with 8mm Flat Copper Braid cable in it without any issues yet so I feel confident that should be alright. The only thing that I should be careful is that to make sure the bare metal NOT touching the carbon fiber.

I always use Fiber Glass as the last layer to protect any electronics inside from the carbon.

Cool! That’s a good idea with the final fiberglass layer

Dang @MasterCho

Using the hot glue makes recycling parts from my old boards easy

I don’t use switches or BMS, but one thing that I like to add is the battery capacity indicator just to make sure it’s charged before heading out.

The one on the left is for the balance charging port and the one on the right is the battery charging port. I use iCharger. It works like a charm and it allows for charging two boards at the same time.

Here’s a quick layout. I had to shorten the length of the wires to save some space.

I had to wrap all the solder joints with the electric tape to protect them from the carbon.

The countersink screws look cleaner.

I like the matte finish better on the enclosure.

It was a fun ride and I like the straps but when I fall my feet get caught and twisted. :persevere:


Damn @MasterCho. Just beautiful. Great job!!!


Yeah man, looks awesome! Nice and clean :+1:


Awesome ! HOw did I missed that !! Gorgeous work mate :hugs: how it rides ?