Choice remote control

Which remote do you prefer? Do they have a difference in signal power? I tried both, but it seems to me when you use the remote at number two, the board goes slower, not so fast and it does not kick anyone’s ass.

For remote number 3 is a miniature case for 3d printing?

IMG_4722IMG_4723 IMG_4724

dont use those 3 remotes XD build you diy or buy like enriton remote or something

I have tried number 2 and the nano-x. With either remote the board goes just as fast. You do have two turn knobs on the top with remote number 2. Perhaps one of them limits the throttle range. I know that the right knob when turned clockwise would accelerate the board without any trigger response.

i use the gt2b (pic 1) after having bought the remote in pic 2 from ebay and it being faulty… @MasterCho makes a really nice case for it you can grab it on ebay for 25 bucks, or there are other cases with the 3d print file available so you could do it yourself.