Choosing a cheap battery

Hey I am Planning out my build and I was wondering if I could use these 12 volt batteries and put 3 of them in series. If you have any other cheap battery ideas I am open to suggestion. My budget for the batteries is around $80 - $100 45%20pm

there isn´t something like this. batteries are not cheap. if they are than it´s very likely that it´s fake cells or cells which not work for us. don´t cheap out on the battery. best thing which can happen, you pay twice, worst thing you what can happen, you burn something down.


So what would you suggest then.

These batteries are good,!10801!US!-1

Many people have used them and they work really well, I personally have 4 of these suckers. They used to be around 35$ but people kept buying them so now they’re wayy more expensive

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Arn’t these the same as hoverboard batteries

Yeah pretty much

So this battery doesn’t have a bms attached and the battery already has the wires attached so could I just plug the wires strait into the bms or is there a certain way I have to solder it 07%20pm 51%20pm

Um why would you get one without a bms when you can just get one WITH a bms? And to plug in the bms you need to make sure the connectors are the same type and also solder the the battery negative to the B- on the BMS

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yeah I will admit that was an overcomplicating situation :sweat_smile:

Ok Last question when can I attach a charge port straight onto the positive and negative battery to charge it and still have it plugged in

Those are LG MF1 used in DIYeboard pack? I remember asking the guy at DIYeboard and he said MF1 is used.

As others have said, those are very likely fake cells. The cheaper they are, the worse they will perform 99% of the time. Some people use genuine dirt cheap ebay cells, but they are the lower grade cells making it into those packs. Real “A” grade cells are worth the extra cost. Dont buy a cheap pack or you will regret it. Wether it is the lifespan, discharge ability, or something else. The cheap cells are not worth buying

If you really want good performance on a budget, get lipos. They typically have 1/3 the lifespan of an 18650 but have great discharge abilities

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Some cheap larger capacity batts:

40a max current is gonna be pretty awful for hard acceleration with a single motor. You want 60 or so for a single motor build

This is the golden advice you’ve been looking for. If you can’t afford a decent battery, then you can certainly afford a very, very nice unpowered longboard which will perform very well. Under gravity or kick-pushing power.

Do y’all see this?

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I don’t understand the hate around these batteries. Many people have used these and they work great for people on a budget, heck all they’re basically the same as the ones chinese boards have in them. If you don’t like the range then just get 2 of these packs and connect them in parallel.

There are BUDGET boards that work and work well and then there are NON BUDGET boards that perform like a beast. This thread is about BUDGET boards and parts that work well within a budget. If something works well and its cheap but not as good as their expensive brothers that work better, they still fuckin work and kick ass ON A BUDGET

And @mtuan293 Yes these are LG MF1 cells


Lol you gotta get used to the mentality of most people on this forum. If you ain’t spending thousands for a build then prepare for the hate.

Don’t get me wrong, you get what you paid for. But not many people willing to spend thousands when they first got into esk8 building. Me personally just need a board to ride around campus, so I don’t see the need for super high performance build with lots of expensive part.


Lol I don’t think the /s is necessary, this is true, I’ve been on the forums for almost 2 years now, and before it was all nice and well and people actually wanted to make things work and budget was still a thing and everyone wanted to make something that worked without breaking the bank. Nowadays people get mad if you cheap out on some parts or get a good deal on stuff, everything has to be perfect. Many people on this forum don’t understand that some people don’t want to drop 1.5k+ on their first board.

They also don’t understand that sometimes cheap =/= bad there are parts out there that are good AND cheap

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Edited my comment above. Seem like we had the same thoughts lol

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