Choosing a Lipo charger for specific BMS setup

Thanks David.

I agree with you but the problem with CC CV Chargers against plain PSU is the cost and for no reason at all in my opinion, I am talking about few hundreds of $ differences when it comes to high Amps.

I can order a High Quality Fixed & Non adjustable 25.2VDC power supply rated at 50A, connect 5A (or less) Current regulator/Step Down module to each of my 5A BMSs to ensure the BMS will not get more than what i intend to supply - this kind of setup gives me the ability to charge from the same 50A power supply - 10 different 5A BMSs/Lipos simultaneously. with a single cable instead of having 10 different 5A Chargers charging each Lipo/BMS

I still dont understand why I shouldn’t go with this approach.

Thanks for all your assistance…

Are you really going to be charging 10 packs at once? Because a quality 50A 25V power supply isn’t going to be cheap either

25.2VDC 50A power supply cost 110$ including FedEx shipping, on the other hand - 25.2V 50A CC CV charger will cost most likely 4 times than that which i really dont understand why, it doesnt make sense as it is the exact same thing.

Current Limiter based on Resistor cost 1.5$, I can also use 5A Diod which will cost 0.5$, I can place any of these on the BMS to protect the current flow.


I think I’ll need a more in depth description of the circuit to give an opinion. If you could draw up a circuit diagram that would be great.

Sure, I will draw one thanks

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