Choosing a smallest controller


I started with the Flysky FS-GT2B controller but i think it’s too big, i’m looking for a smallest controller.

has anyone tried one of these?

if someone has another controller i’m open to consider other options

thank you

I have the first two but suggest the second, the first had issues with interferences (losing signal) when passing near speed cameras (London, UK).

I have the second one as well and would recommend it. Since you mentioned the GT2B do you still have it? If so I would also recommend buying a mod case from someone on the forum. Search for Mad Munkey and/or Baby Buffalo. One is a thumb control and the other is a trigger. There is a third option called Bad Wolf as well but it’s an older design. Search all three and see what you like. Any one of those will shrink down the size of your GT2B significantly.

My apologies I messed up on who made what. It’s fixed and more generic now.

Good luck.

Check for ‘‘winning remote’’

There was sale for them on the forum. You’ve got to ‘‘set’’ the failsafe… otherwise your board might run off without you… if the remote disconnects. … There were some problems with low battery voltage and remote turning off … check other topics…

And theres also @MasterCho mod for the gt2b i have it and couldn’t be hapier, super easy to do about 30 minutes and you are done

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I really like that one too. The people on this forum are so awesome.

where do you configure the failsafe mode in the controller or VESC?

Steez. Cruise control is the best, but it’s A&B button are freaking fragile…

In the receiver

I built vedder’s nunchuckRF and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and not had any issues.

I recomend #2 the mini RC remote. It works flawlessly and gives exceptional control with the Vesc. It uses AA batteries however I put 2 lithium AA’s in it last December and there still going strong. I prefer that instead of having to charge the remote every day.

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Can you share some pictures of the finished Nunchuck RF please? @rpn314

Sure! (just please ignore my dirty hands)

So I’ve got the standard internals, a single li-po battery, and a micro-USB for charging and firmware upgrades (if/when needed). I’m planning on adding a light pipe to see the LED status’ (similar to what @Blasto did here), but it’s been great! I had one drop out during initial testing, but it was because some of the pins of my receiver on the VESC side shorted. I just lost all power and the board just coasted to a stop. But now that I’ve shrink-wrapped most everything, I haven’t had any issues.

I will also not that I got this for the receiving end, which has an amplifier and an external antenna.