Choosing An 100A ESC

So at the moment i’m building an electric longboard and I was hoping to find some help in finding an esc capable of 100A (8S) but has decent enough braking that it wont throw me off, as I dont like the feeling of having no way of stopping (other than bailing) at 30kph. I recently had this esc but it kind of burst into a ball of flames for no reason other than being faulty. This esc had disgraceful braking and I was wondering if anyone had any suggests for me on what esc to replace it. I live down under (I hope I dont have to remind you that means I live in Australia) so it would be helpful that your suggestions are easy to get delivered…

let me put it like this: there is a reason people use a VESC :wink: a FOCBOX is also an alternative (which is still a VESC jsut better/different layout).

it doesnt have to be the newsest version, you can get the VESC 4.12 version for ~100$. focbox is about 136$ (also AUS btw) and a vesc six … well that above +200$

Hey mate, I’m with you, it’s hard to get stuff over here. What about a ezrun max5 or max6 they handle somewhere around 150-200 amps. I’m not sure where to buy them over here though, maybe eBay? Another option might be HobbyKing’s track star esc. They claim 200amps on 8s I’m not sure if it’s been tested though

Actually focboxs are about $209 at the moment so they’re a bit pricey. And to get torque vescs shipped over here it’s about $180 including shipping :frowning:

what about ali express? vesc 4.12 is 144 AUD over there.

Probably maytech or flier vescs…not very reliable

i searched up what you were looking at but the constant current of the esc is only 50A, I need something that can handle a bit more considering my motor’s max current draw is 80A…

50A continous and 120A peak! unnless you driving up 45% slopes and weight like 200kg, you wont reach 50A continous. i average at about 10A continous and i weight 110kg. even then, it will just shut down or simnply wont give more Amps since you can configure it however you want.

the VESC is rock solid and in this forum +90% of people use it. with good reason :wink: you cant compare this thing with an RC car ESC. thats a completly different league

thankyou for your information mate, you’ve helped me alot! do you think i should get the vesc from HobbyKing? or should i get it from someplace else?

I can give you 120$ shipped , vesc 4.12

the hobbyking one is a little bit older layout whise (4.10 instead of 4.12, newest one is 6). i have no expirience with the 4.10 one so better check this forum to see if its any good.

VESC is the best way to go :slight_smile: FOCBOX if you can afford it :slight_smile: Or you can give a try to APS ESCs, I am using one and its working well, the brakes are compareble to VESC…if they are reliable, IDK, mine is running well for about 5 months…

The problem with 120a car esc’s is that they can’t really handle what they claim. I know because I have used 120a car esc’s with heat sinks and even burned one up. Not because it was defective but because it just couldn’t dissipate heat adequately. I have never overheated a Vesc with heatsinks though. And brakes on a car esc are not only a joke, they are down right dangerous. The Vesc can truly handle 50a continuous and up to 200a bursts. I believe most car esc’s are way over rated by the manufactures. I recommend that you just bite the bullet and invest in a FOCBOX. Then you will have a dependable system with good performance and good brakes.

I’ve bee using a Maytech VESC for a while on my dual hub motor build at very high current draws and it’s been working very well, just as well as me Enertion VESC it’s paired with.

Better safe than sorry.

There’s a reason why people choose the VESCs over RC ESCs. I was very tempted to go the HobbyKing route but now I’ve changed my mind.

Get a basic VESC from a decent vendor (wouldn’t trust Hobbyking even it’s $20-30 cheaper) and a FOCBOX or a Ollin ESC with the heatsink if you have the $$.

I don’t actually need a vesc, thanks for the offer though

@JdogAwesome I didn’t mean they don’t work, they are just unreliable. Sometimes they work really well and sometimes they just die for no reason

So would the FOCBOX be worth it, because I think it would be a bit overkill…what would be the difference between the FOCBOX and the TORQUE ESC VESC (Hardware version 4.12)??

Foc box is improved version of vesc 4.12

You could see if @Surfer would send you his?

Thanks for the heads up! @Rustedbucket just in case you are interested, my brother in law lives in Perth and now he is in EU for Christmas, if you want I can put the vesc in they luggage and then the shipping to your door should be cheaper. Let me know what do you think!! Cheers buddy’s! Happy Christmas!