Choosing Batteries

Hello! I’m putting together a group build in Marin, and I’m looking at buying 18650s in bulk. Im trying to choose between this Sony Konion US18650VTC6 3120mAh - 30A and this Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh - 15A. From what I have seen the Samsung 30Q is almost the go-to battery, but what makes it better than the Sony with more discharge and capacity? Thank you!

If I’m not totally wrong, I think that the VTC6 drop in capacity pretty fast. The 30Q hold nearly the same capacity for hundreds of cycles… Also, the VTC6 is more expensive.

Its the voltage sag, the discharge curve of a 30q is better.

(Simply put)

Where can I go to educate myself on discharge curves? Where to find that spec, and how to interpret what I find? And thank you for your prompt reply!!

Search man just search like 30Q vs or similar were the experts compare down to the shrink wrap