Choosing motor gears for Maytech motors/Evolve 32T/38T gears

So I’ve just ordered 2 new 5065 Maytech motors for my CGT rebuild, just wondering what using a Maytech 16T motor gear will do to the board’s performance if I still use the standard wheel gears from Evolve. I’ll be running 97mm/107mm wheels most of the time so a little more torque is essential but I haven’t found a compatible motor gear that accounts for that yet. Also will the belts still be compatible? Thanks in advance

I hope you have sourced proper mounts for the 5065 motors. Those motors do not line up with the stock evolve mounts (although they are both 50mm motors). Don’t want you disappointed when they arrive.

As for your motor gear, going up in tooth will essentially lower tq performance/raise top speed (if all other things haven’t changed in your comparison). By how much would be tricky to pinpoint because you are changing motors too (arguably to better ones, so that is a plus). Lucky for you, gears are pretty inexpensive and you can get a set for like $20 if you choose to change it out later.


Just saw this, unfortunately they arrived with the realisation that I would need motor mounts now too as you said. Haven’t sourced anything so at this point it seems like I may need to make them.

Did you buy them from

If you did may be worth trying to swap them out for race star 200kv or bump up your size to 63xx (he offers 6374)

That’s what I did. He sells those mounts too for the evolve

What would the 63mm motors be like on the battery though? That’s essentially why I didn’t go for them tbh