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Choosing motor in Eu

Hello builders,
I’m looking for 63mm 6374 Outrunner motor.

  1. Which motor is better? or
  2. Does flat spot is necessary on sk3 shaft to lock motor pulley??

Hobbyking is my opinion

I have the alien 6374 190 KV , and I’m happy with the performance, When going single drive make sure to get a 12-15mm belt /pulleys

But it is harder to mount motor pulley on sk3.

Which motor is more silent?


I just modded these-/and documented the mods:

  1. upgraded phase wires to flexable turnigy with 5mm plugs
  2. installed circlip to shaft
  3. Insulated where phase wires connect to motor

the motors have been spun to make sure they function but basically unused. I can additionally cut in for Circlips or grind down a keyway or flat spot for grub screw if you need.

these are
Emax BL 5345
8mm shaft
90A max current

same size as hobbyking-/

emax names motors using strator dimensions instead of whole motor

I’ll sell for 100 euros a piece or 180 for both + shipping. I live in Spain.

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How about some form of garanty ?
Are they US motors that you import ?

Guarantee…What is it with Europeans and guarantees- i This is the second time it comes up for me today?? Apparently Craiglist and value village culture hasn’t crossed the pond yet…

Look man, I’m trying to promote eskating- not out to make a buck. Selling at 100 I am losing a couple bucks per motor, but I know they may just be sitting around for a few months so thought I’d make them available.

E-max can’t offer any as the motor has been modded. The motor is considered 2nd hand at this point and I am opperating this, as with many things hobby, as a small private sale. So no, there is no official guarantee.

E-max can’t offer any as the motor has been modded.

I did not read your message carefully enough. Of course if the motor has been modded, there cannot be any.
Thanks for the answer.

just saying, dont forget that ordering from hobbyking you’l have to pay import tax if you live in Europe.

You don’t have to pay import taxes if you choose European warehouse which sends stuff from the Netherlands if i’m not wrong. :slight_smile:

Yea but how long does it take to find these motors this size in stock?

7 to 30 days

yes maybe when pigs fly…should say 7-12 months…dont get me wrong, I hope i eat my wordsand you all order and 7-30 days later you have a motor in hand. I just wanted to make sure you european peeps know that mine are here now and ready to ship should any of you have an itch to start building within the week.

Check theese Dymond Motors:

6374-200kv, 110€

Ordered them last week, 2 days to arrive. Will test this weekend

Hang Loose

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They look very nice! Write a review, when you will test it.

I have had sent many packages from the US to Europe without paying much in taxes etc… You can ask the individual sellers if they are willing to write a lower value on the package (let’s say $35). 9 out of 10 times it works! In Denmark tou pay 25 % total in import taxes + a processing fee of approximatly $15. If the package is rated to 35$ (which seem like a fair and descrete value) I only pay about $24 extra - excluding the extra shippng costs.

If you buy a bigger order it therefore sometimes can fairly inexpensive to order from the US…
I would recommend that you just order from some of the American vendors that makes great products (Ollinboards, Steelhubs, DIY etc.)

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