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Choosing motor pulley

I need to choose timing pulley for single motor (sk3 6374 192kv) with 6s battery
9mm / 12mm / 15mm which one is the best ?

For a single drive you want 12mm or higher (if you can find it). 12 is fine. i thought your question was about gearing not belt width

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12mm will work fine, 15 to be safe.
9mm on single drive works unless you got a lot of hills in your area.

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9mm also works on hills if gentle with the throttle and sub 70kg

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OK so which 12mm pulley is good for this wheels : ?

what are the benefits of a thinner belt?

I’m just gathering my parts for a build and came across this site, they will alter pulley bores and make specific pulleys and belts to order…Cheap.

less drag 4200000000000000

Less friction and the possibility of using two bigger motors because not so much space is used up by the belts

ah, I’m running a dual diag setup but i couldn’t find >9mm kegel wheel pulleys so i just stuck with 9’s

I’m 85kg, have hills in the area and generally go easy on the throttle in favor of range. I have no problems with a 9mm belt except for some occasional skipping when hard braking.