Choosing motors for first build

I’m in the process of choosing parts for my first build and was thinking of using 6364 170kvs, but I’m looking for more options/suggestions. I’ll be using a 20700 10s5p pack, 2 ESCape singles, Evolve trucks with Evolve-style mounts, 15T/32T gearing, and 100mm Boa Constrictors. The esk8 calculator tells me I’d need at least around 190kvs to get over 30mph, which is my goal (190kv gets me 32mph weighted), but I’m not sure what my options are for motors. Ideally, I’d like something reliable that will fit on my trucks/mounts and that comes in black to match the other parts. Or should I go 16T and a lower kv to conserve battery? Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I weigh 200lbs and ride mostly on flat surfaces, but some hills. I don’t want crazy torque, but I definitely want a responsive ride.{“batt-type-lipo”:1,“batt-cells”:10,“motor-kv”:170,“system-efficiency”:85,“motor-pulley-teeth”:15,“wheel-pulley-teeth”:32,“wheel-size”:100}|

This is the calculator you’re using?

Yes, sir! I was focusing more on the weighted top speed

The unweighted is calculated at 3.7 volts per cell, so on a full charge you’ll probably exceed the estimated 34mph.

Ah, I see. In that case, maybe I could start at 170kv.

What are some suggestions for motors that would fit my build?

Tb are well known, as are @JLabs ( build kit boards), maytechs are also good and if you don’t mind different colours so are SK3’s and Keda motors

Personally, i skate @torqueboards, i have their largest motors currently and love them. And they’re only like 10$ more (I think) over the 6374.


This is their forward v5 mount (not really my thing) I prefer their v5 reverse mount so I can mount my deck drop through and still get full turns


Only running 1 motor rn because issues with flipsky

Hey mate, that calc is not very accurate tbh. With 10s and your weight 190kv will be fine for those speeds. 170 will be very torquey. Real world experience is what you need. I,m 200lbs ish and my 10s 192kv build gets me 55km/h flat out with the wind behind me on 16/36 and 97mm wheels. As for motors you can’t go wrong with @torqueboards Good quality and good back up.
Maytech are good but pricey. I personally use sk3/8 and tb and all work fine.

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How come you get 55 km/hr out of your setup? Everything same here but 40 lbs less weight and max out around 48 km/hr??? Must be like 30 knots tail wind :crazy_face:

Thats the fastest I have ever done on it to illustrate to the guy he will be fine with 190kv. Its usually around the 50 mark. Consistently.
Oh and I’m obviously a much better rider than you. :sunglasses:

Can’t ride consistently 50km, ever seen a discharge curve of a Li-ion cell? How about u come down and prove it :grinning:

Using lipos will solve that issue :wink:

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When I said consistently I meant it will do it without any special circumstances like inclines or fully tucking every time. Obviously there will performance drop across the discharge but not a great deal with decent cells until they get below 60%. You ever ridden a raptor 2? Thats a 10s4p and trust me they do over 50 km/h Yours should easily do that. What set up do you have?

Raptor 1, in principle same as you

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25A / Vesc battery, 60A motor amps

Thats why then. What cells does it have? The original 25r pack or the 30Q?

original 10s3p, 25R

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Get yourself a 30q pack then the sag will be in a different league. My original 6374 set up had a 10s3p 25r and yes would only do about 50 for about 5 minutes. Then it would sag out. That 10s board i was talking about has a raptor 2 battery in it set at 40 per and 80 motor. Easily does over 50k’s.
You want to ride the one with the 12s in it, thats a fucking animal.

Thanks, I am currently building a new one with a 12s3p Lipo pack that can dump out a lot more amps. Hope I will breach the 50 km/hr mark.

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