Choosing the right motor-battery-setup

I finally decided that I want to build my very own electric skateboard. I have done quite a lot of research already, but I have never done anything like this and I am a complete noobie to electronic stuff. I will be extremely grateful for any helpful answers. As I am on a relativly tight budget I am going for a single motor build for now. But I want to keep my options open and make it as easy for me to upgrade in the future as possible. As I am from europe my options are quite limited, because I don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for customs. This is my current build:

I am going for the Unik Single Mount(Core or Smart didn’t figure that out yet). Whenever I want to upgrade I can just buy another kit.

For the Motor I was planning to go for Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364 245KV I am not completely sure about the KV yet. I know that i won’t be able to fit another one in the future.

For the VESC i am going for the one from UNIK as well.

Caliber 2 Trucks and UNIK wheels

Battery setup: I plan on using the Zippy 5000mah 2S1P, because they are much slimmer. I have no idea yet on how to approach this. If I wan’t 6S and 10000mah, I will need 6 of those batteries right (3 in series and 2 in parallel)?.

As I said I am completely new to electronics. I especially have no idea when it comes to making an external charging port, a battery indicator and an on-off switch work. Does anyone have something like a blueprint of their setup? So i can figure out how Stuff has to be connected.

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Your battery concept is correct. You may want to be careful with your motor size as since you want to go dual later on you will need to go with a smaller motor size. <<<^^^(Hopefully someone can verify this here). What are your goals as for usage of the skateboard? (Hills/speed/flats)? You still need a type of ESC, recommended is the VESC.

Yeah I know that i won’t be able to fit another one of those motors in the future. Mostly for city use and some hills but not that steep hills… Yeah I will get the VESC from Unik

You need 6 of those. I recommed to use 3s 5000mah batteries instead. You need only 4pcs and those are 30mm thick or something so you can still build stealthy looking board.