Chopping TorqueBoard 218 Hangar

I know I am not the first to do this at all but I thought I would try and document this little project in case others are interested. So as I mentioned in one of the other threads, I can’t fit the Evolve gears with wheels on the TB 218’s, even my Trampa Superstar hubs with the BoardBumpers bearing adapter will not fit. It fits fine without the gear but with it nope. It’s a tad bit too short.

20181012_181157 20181012_181211

20181012_183359 20181012_183407

I was linked LHB’s video on how to chop a caliber 2 hangar, so I went to lowes and picked up a metal cutting wheel for my dremel. I practiced on my caliber 2’s last night and learned what to do and not to do.

Such as…

  1. Wrap the hangar in something or you’ll lose paint. Should of been obvious but I was impatient and was having way too much fun with a cutting wheel.

  2. When you see sparks stop cutting in that spot you’re hitting the axel and that spot should be good.

  3. Making the cut length wise deep enough is important or else you wont get it off the teeth on the axel as it’s almost impossible to slide off without it. See the picture below.

I kinda just bolted it to my table and went ham with the dremel. Came out pretty solid for my first try.


20181012_214033 20181012_214026

I have some errands to run for a few hours but afterwards. It’s chopping time!


Try and stop before the sparks if you can… you don’t want a “break here” line engraved into the steel axel rod.


Ok, I finished chopping a bit off each side of the hangar and I’m eating a big ass bowl of cheerios as I type this. I think this came out pretty good. I took a lot more precautions this time then I did with the calibers. The only thing that looks like is left to do is sand down the tiny bit of hangar that is preventing my washer from fully sitting down. 20181013_145837

Apart from that it looks like as is I cut enough off to make the nylon make contact once I sand it down a bit more and that speed washer is flush.

20181013_145656 20181013_145711

20181013_144804 20181013_145644





I’m a bit confused with the issue here. I have the same wheels, along with a 15mm wheel pulley, and the TB 218 trucks, and I haven’t got mounts yet, but was considering the TB V5 dual motor mounts like you have, but they don’t fit for you? Like on TB website they show that exact setup with dual 6380’s and I didn’t see any of the issues you’re having… Wondering if I should avoid those mounts now if I’m gonna have to end up doing this… Screenshot_20181013-195556_Chrome

From this pic it looks like 15mm pulleys should fit perfectly. They even say that in the compatibility description…

Hes using Evolve wheel pullys. You wouldn’t need to do this with different pullys. I think…

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How are those different from any other pulley? I got the 15mm push fit pulleys from 3D-Services. Am I gonna have the same issue if I don’t use a TB pulley?

Evolve pulleys have a bearing inside

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Possibility? Idk for sure. His pullys have a bearing in them as well. And that takes up axle length.

Yeah mine have a bearing too… I think I’m gonna get a custom mount from @idea made. His mounts are crazy nice.

The evolve pulleys take up more space on the axle, I can’t remeber how much more exactly but I think it’s something like 18mm

So this is only an issue if you use dual mounts that are connected by a cross - beam I think…? Am I correct in thinking if I was to use mounts that don’t connect to each other then this wouldn’t be a problem.

The issue I encountered was that the pulley didn’t fit on the axle all the way. It was too short. So I chopped a bit of the hangar off and it fits fine now.

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Evolve pulley’s have a bearing on the inside and it takes up space on the hangar, other pulleys kinda just float over the hangar.

I have this pulley which also has a bearing.

It says it’s compatible with the Boa 100mm wheels and the TB 218 trucks. Still though, I’m concerned about this. I didn’t even realize this was a potential issue, lol. I’m gonna message Torque Boards and see if they know if the V5 mounts will work with that pulley or not. Like I said before though, I think it won’t be an issue so long as I use mounts that don’t have a cross beam connecting them… Or I could get the V5 mounts, but make a custom cross beam that is a bit longer so cutting the trucks wouldn’t be necessary.

Just try it, and see if it fits.

Seeing they make thier own pullys and @Kug3lis pullys are fairly new to the market i doubt they know if it will work or not.

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Well I don’t want to order something that I think may or may not work only to have to return it if it doesn’t work. If I can talk to them first and get an answer I think that would be much better way of going about this.

You are not correct.



Evolve pulley



FB pulley.

Judging by picture, you should be fine. Also, 3Dservices says they fit on these and more hangars :ok_hand:t3:


Yea they fit the hanger. But do they line up with the mount since there is a cross bar.