Choppy - Official Enertion iOS App Testbench | Lowes 4-ply Cutting Board | Unity | 12S1P 18650RX + 2 Extra | 14S Modular Cell Holder | Adjustable 13S BMS | FS 6364x2 @ 190kv | Paris Clones | DickyHo Mounts | TB Crystal Blue 83mm @ 15:36 | Cabinet Handle

Ladies and gentlemen, @Winfly and I are pleased to introduce to you the world’s most advanced cutting board yet: a compact, modular, powerful, yet easy to use design that will be sure to keep you on your butt.

We call it Choppy

Under the platform, we can find the following top quality components, assembled in a specifically enclosureless design for ease of access:

  • A Lowes 4-ply Cutting Board provides the ultimate platform for comfortable seated journeys, yet providing the flexibility of an exciting journey if you choose to stand
  • Unity
  • The 12S1P Sanyo 18650RX + 2 Extra was originally intended as a 14S pack, but because of the pure power this device contains, we regrettably had to tone it down to 12S
  • @Winfly’s 14S Modular Cell Holder provides super secure holding of the cells
  • Our specially sourced Adjustable 13S Chinese BMS was configured to 12S and provides ultimate battery safety sans balancing
  • Dual Flipsky 6364 @ 190kv provide edge of your seat performance in a small package
  • Paris Clones, at 205mm width, provides incredible stability at high speeds
  • Dicky-Ho Mounts 1536 (old metal) provide ultimate flexible holding of the motors to dampen vibrations
  • Torqueboards Crystal Blue 83mm @ 15:36 give the whole assembly pizzaz while maintaining torque and speed
  • Cabinet Handle

The excitability of this speed demon cannot be overstated. It’s truly a real thriller that people are chopping at the bit to ride.


  • Top speed: 34mph
  • 0-34: yes
  • range: yes
  • wheels: yes

Now, without further ado, I present to you the build process

First we carefully season and prepare the chopping board


Then we test the arrangement of the garnishing on the board


Next, we prepare the stuffing full of juice


The sous-chef inspects progress thus far

IMG_6542 IMG_6543 IMG_6544

Then we sort of stick everything in a pot and it’s done

IMG_6545 IMG_6546 IMG_6547 IMG_6548 IMG_6550 IMG_6551

Seasoning is applied with the utmost care


And of course, test launch


What a pussy magnet


That’s some real cutting edge technology right there :laughing:


Seen it before. Do somthing original


Lol I love it. Add backpack straps on the top side and that is the perfect grocery getter.

Sometimes I ride my regular board with side by side feet to practice balance

Enertion iOS app was so clickbait :slight_smile:

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well we were intended to build a testbench for the unity. and I happened to have a bunch of stuff laying around that I wasnt gona use. now it is a very overbuilt testbench. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Preview from a while ago



I’m disappointed in you. Did you want to join my disgraced Asian status too? Lowe’s cutting block?!?! That’s shameful! :joy: