CicLAvia for bike riders

anyone near LA, there’s another CicLAvia coming up, this time in downtown. the city closes down a portion of the city so people ride their bikes up and down otherwise busy streets.

it’s literally on my street now so if anyone wants to cruise, let’s meet up form a public assembly.

it’s kind of a strange route, in a cross pattern. the 2nd street route, between grand and hill is a pretty serious uphill section, so it might be a good time to put your board through some trials.

I’ll have to pass on this till my board gets a major upgrade even though it’s a 15-20 minute drive from my house.

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I am down!

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where are you gonna start at Joe?

I’m at college and broadway so that’d be idea but could easily go anywhere else along the route.

area with easiest parking most likely.

I can meet you guys wherever!

cool, let’s finalize closer to the event, which is next sunday. just getting the word out for now.


k this is happening tomorrow, I’ll be hanging out so text me 714-883-2837 if u wanna meet up.

I’ve also got a second board so you’re welcome to try or borrow.