Circuit Board - LCS development platform

So my name’s Ben, On the interwebs I’m InitialDriveGTR. I’ve got about 20 years of experience building electronics and designing systems by my self. I saw the boosted board a while back and I knew then and there I was hooked. It took me a while to get to a point with other projects before I was comfortable diverting funds into a longboard. I’ve got about 15 minutes of experience riding any kind of board of wheels prior three weeks ago when I slapped together this baby from amazoned parts and diyelectricskateboard.

Stats are pretty basic with a Torque VESC and 190KV 6355 (already killed both a motor and ESC but they may be revived). I strapped ALL my drone batteries on the bottom in an 8S 32AH configuration. My burst discharge should be in the ballpark of 300A which should be adequate for now.

Not quite sure how to post pictures yet…




Right now from what I can tell the only controls for these things are Nintendo controllers and RC car transmitters with the wheel removed…

I’d like to introduce the new control system I’m starting to develop called LCS. Longboard Control Surface is what I envision true fluid integration between the rider and the board. I believe the more efficiently a body can interact with a machine the better the experience to the operator.

I work in the heavy industrial/military sector and I work on lots of very dangerous systems with incredibly complex controls networks. The idea of rolling down a hill and getting thrown off the board is unnverving and shall be dealt with in my typical manner.

The pictures should give you the gist of how things will work in terms of what the rider is responsible for. Four flex sensors in heat shrink attached to the fingahz. I shall post more as this develops over the next few weeks.


Remember me, I just wanted to let you know I can’t see the pics with you hand controls. Idk if it’s just me but I just thought you should know. I checked you photos on both my mobile and Pc and they look chopped of.

Edit: you have to click on the photos to see them… My bad


gotta click on em me thinks



A teaser of things to come…



Looks great righ also like the bracelet.

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lmao thank ya sir. I’m East coast USA (cape cod) born and raised and I’m good friends with US Navy. I always wear a sailors band

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If you ever make some serious ground on this idea (which based on your background, I suspect you will.) I would love to learn how to do this or buy a glove off ya :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My family all live up in Plymouth so i’m up there a lot. I get one of these every time I go.

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looks like its going to be a great idea, hopefully you put out plans for it


Oh man and here I was naively hoping no one would have done this idea before I get to it :slight_smile:

props man, that just seems like the most logical (or better yet… organic?) way to have a board controlled, even if with a relatively steep learning curve.

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Exactly, it will certainly take getting used to, but I’m confident it will be a very efficient method of control once implemented correctly.

A large part of my job is making sure safety systems for industrial equipment act as they should, and esk8 should be no exception. The ability to detect a panic stop from a rider is critical

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I love the bracket u made for the batteries. What’s u use for it?

Lol I’m not entirely sure what they’re called. I picked them up as strips a few years ago and finally saw a use for them here. A bit of work with the dremel and an adjustable crescent wrench to make the sharp angles and voila… battery cage

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Looking forward to that, how do you plan to implement the controls? Gesture based? left finger flex control acceleration, right finger brake with priority over acceleration, something like that?

Gestures complicate things beyond what I’m looking for.

Arming - holding your hand like in this pic for some set period of time without having any sensor reading go out tolerance will enable output from the microcontroller to the VESC. If either the ring or pinky finger relax past a threshold, throttle will be disabled but braking will still be possible and the system will be disarmed once the board stops.

Throttle will be BOTH the pointer and index fingers moving together with an allowable tolerance in deflection between the two fingers to allow for transition into braking control.

Braking will be the deflection between the pointer and index finger. As deflection increases between the two fingers, braking force will increase accordingly.


that’s pretty dope. on my prototype right now i’m planning throttle on my index finger and breaking on my pinkey

Cool, I’ll watch your progress. But not something I’d be trying.

Finger Combinations in oh shit moments will be forgotten. And oh shit hand flat emergency stop, needs to be easily controlled by the rider to manipulate braking force.

Think this is actually less safe. I suggest you spend a bit more time riding then 15 minutes and get used to commuting, before you delve your time into something that will likely end in decreased safety.