Circuit help for first Dual Motor build

Hi This is my first build that I’m doing as a college project and I’m using a dual 190Kv 6355 motor set up using two Vesc 4.12s that I brought the PCBs and then fitted the components myself. I’m planning to use it with a 10s4p battery pack ( But I can’t figure out a wiring diagram/circuit diagram for the complete system. The battery that I plan to get includes a BMS, Enclosure, Battery percentage display, charging port, Charger and XT90 connector already connected. I’ve got a DIYelectronics Nano remote and receiver as well.

I’ve tried searching for the last week and I can’t find much that explains it well and what connectors are used for a dual Vesc set up.

Any help would be appriciated, Thanks

Hi Ashley,

All this and more you can find in the new user stickies thread. With 2hrs reading time it will be impermable on how to join those nice bits together.

It’s worth reading more, good luck

Start here, but keep going