City Runner | Kahalani Slalom | Bennet Vector 6 | single 6374 | APS Mount | 7s4p | VESC | Metro Spyder 72mm

So I built a new board, wanted a smaller more agile cruiser. Based on a 75cm Kahalani Slalom deck with 150mm Bennett Vector trucks. Is quite a bit lighter than my dual drive land missile.

The battery is a remodeled/rebuilt space cell (long story) Housed it all in an enclosure made out of aluminium and God Tape.

Only waiting for a longer belt to get it running.


I love the aluminium box mate did you cover the insides with tape to prevent short circuits ? Any more pics of the enclosure itself please :+1:

Do those wheels have the same core as a Kegal?

Did some padding with foam on the inside and the vesc is mounted on a plastic board, so no risk of shorts. I’ll get some more pics later.

Yes, it’s the same hub as Kegels.

Which wheels those are?

Metro Spyder

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7s4p god-taped ex-space cell (or rather, 2 x 7s2p) :stuck_out_tongue:

Some small adjustments still needs to be done. Gotta fix a latching mechanism for the opening side of the enclosure, leaning toward magnets to hold it shut. And do a more refined truck adaptor for the motor mount which is currently made out of hand sawed pieces of wood >> And getting a fuse to the battery, I hear that’s a good idea…

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As @pyttroll said, Metro Spyder 72mm 79a.

Wanted small wheels to keep the overall look slim.

After I found a high quality drill stand in the trash a while ago I finally had the means to make a new motor mount adapter made that fits the trucks like a glove. So now the motor mount is nice and aligned. Added some velcro to keep the lid closed for now, probably gonna redo it later, but for now it works good enough.

Finished setting up the VESC for foc with sensors.

Did a run around the block and damn is it smooth.

And these Bennet trucks are so turny! :3

@Iceni Var köpte du det svarta materialet du har kring dina kablar? Ser ut att vara någon typ av mesh-material.

@Johan Beställde från HobbyKing.

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