“City Slicker” Lacroix Deck and enclosure / 10s6p charge only / Dual FOCBOXes / Surfrodz Trucks/ PSYCHOTILLER 200kv Powerplants/ 18(40) on @MoeStooge Street wheels

Hey guys! I really want to get the build thread on my latest project out, because it is SICK!

I haven’t had a chance yet, because every spare minute I have, I’ve been on this rig!

So here it goes, here is “City Slicker,” and she is very happy to meet you!

So a couple of months ago, a buddy and I hopped on the Lacroix group buy https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/lacroix-board-co-wood-and-cf-deck-segmented-flex-carbon-fiber-enclosure-group-buy-completed/49051?u=sender

I wanted to do something a little different than just assembling essentially the same specced out board they are offering. Not that it isn’t AMAZING looking, but you know… Science… and DIY…

I was against going the Trampa route, and MBS trucks were surprisingly hard to come by for a bit there. So I bought some Surf Rodz RKPs 200mm with adjustable base plates (hopefully they are back on their site soon).


I got the trucks a good bit before the deck and sort of convinced myself that my whole idea of using the Surf Rodz set up on a Mountain Board was stupid and probably wouldn’t work for some reason or another.

So, I threw it all on my Bludgeon, Tico.


Tico is sick, and I was sold that I wasn’t even going to try to fix it to the Lacroix, because…well, I didn’t want to have to change that whole setup on the Bludgeon just to try something that probably wouldn’t work any way… oh well, idea scrubbed, I resigned to just waiting until MBS got more stock and I would just do something with that. No biggie.

Well, fast forward a couple weeks, and one of the sensors failed completely and it was annoying, so I took it apart, and preceded to have a little motor dilemma. So, damn, Tico, My Bludgeon is back on the bench. LAME

Then, destiny struck. It was a rainy day and I glanced over to that Lacroix, sitting there… helpless. With Tico down for repairs, “why not take the afternoon to see if this would work on the Lacroix.”

So the angles on the kicks on the Lacroix are 30degrees. I set the rear base plate to 15 degrees and the front to 25 degrees.

REAR: 30degree (kick) + 15degree baseplate = 45degree

Front: 30degree (kick) + 25 degree baseplate = 55degrees.


The holes on the Lacroix didn’t quite line up with my baseplate, so I had to drill them out a bit more. MBS trucks must just be ever so slightly different than normal Old School baseplates. No biggie.

So I mounted it all up and took it to the back parking lot and pushed it around with 107s.

20180624_15283520180624_15262320180624_15261220180624_15284020180624_15281720180624_15282120180624_152620 20180713_191505

OMG IT WORKS! It pushed like a damn dream, Carvey, but stable. Rolled over everything!

I made some 1/2" risers out of an old chopping block for these base plates while it was on my Bludgeon. I even routed out a channel on one to act as a sort of “Tunnel Riser”


The original plan was to put on some @psychotiller 6 shooters… But after riding it on the 107s and realizing with the 1/2" risers I had plenty of clearance, I decide to stick with the 107s.

I am putting those bad ass 6 shooters and some SZ TKPs on the Bludgeon… win fucking win.


So I built the battery myself, I don’t feeling detailing it particularly. It is a 10s6p with charge only BMS. I siliconed it into the enclosure for dampening. Worked a treat. Here are some build pics:

20180725_11514920180725_115147 20180709_12351020180709_10043620180723_19395020180709_12350620180723_15505020180723_15593220180724_22054620180709_13174320180709_12412820180709_14301820180709_13175620180709_155400

I noticed on my Bludgeon I would get some thermal throttling day time riding hard in this Alabama Summer.

I took a tip from @Deckoz to minimize this on City Slicker. I got a big 1/4" piece of aluminum stock and cut it to fit the enclosure. Then I thermal taped it down to the enclosure and thermal taped my FOCBOXs to the plate. This has DEFINITELY helped. I haven’t had any throttling issues even pushing it in the midday heat. It adds some mass and cools down fast as hell.

20180727_11142120180727_111425 20180813_105217

Of course I am using psychotiller motor mounts and his 200kv 6369 power plant with this 10s6p battery.


Here are the settings I have right now, but of course, I want to edge them up a little:

15/40 on Abec 11 107s

(On each Vesc):

70 Motor Max -55 Motor Min 60 Battery Max -14 Battery Min

This gets me right at 30mph, with a ton of torque. I want to change to at least a 16t motor pulley, maybe 18t, to trade a little torque for a bit more speed.

I also want to try bumping up to this:

75 or 80 Motor Max -65 Moror Min 65 Battery Max -17 Battery Min

Haven’t tried this yet, and don’t want to push it tooo hard. I would love to hear what you guys think is reasonable to push it to…


Lacroix Deck and Enclosure

10s6p 30q Battery Samsung 30q

Dual FOCBoxes

Surf Rodz 200mm RKPs with adjustable base plates

Psychotiller Motor Mounts

Psychotiller 200kv 6369 PowerPlants

Abec 11 107s

@dickyho 40t Wheel Pulley

Build kit Board BT module

Riptide pivot cups and bushings

Ackmaniac 3.latest FW

Custom chopping block Tunnel Risers

Custom Focbox heat sink (well its just a hunk of metal in my case)

Firefly Remote

City Slicker gets 30 ish MPH top speed (going to change to get a bit more top end). And is Carvey as hell yet stable as fuck. What a combo!



I am still planning on polyurethane and glass frit, but I will do it some rainy day. I can’t stop riding!

Thanks for Reading!


(I will probably edit this later, as I typed all this on my phone, so I am sure it is full of errors and I am sure I have forgotten about things I meant to mention.)


So I finally got around to getting City Slicker looking pretty (and a few other little improvements)! I was planning on glass frit the entire time, but it took me a while to find the time to do it.

Also, I jumped on some @MoeStooge Street Wheels, which really add a lot to the look and ride feel of the board.


While the wheels do decrease efficiency a bit and add some extra rolling resistance compared to 107s, they are damn glue on the road. It is such a cool design, and I consider myself lucky to be able to grab one of the first 6 sets sold. Soon I will do a proper review, but suffice it to say, they are bad ass.

I am running 18/42 on the 120mm wheels. It goes about 34 mph or so, which is great for a set up like this.

Settings I am rocking with (per VESC):

Motor max: 100amps Motor min: -65 amps

Battery max: 55 amps Battery min: -20amps

Once again, 10s6p 30q. 200kv @psychotiller 6369 Powerplants.

This feels awesome. The whole board rides like it was designed to be like this. It feels like such a hybrid monster. Rolls over everything and feels super secure for fast carving. Truly it fits the namesake “City Slicker.”

I am beyond happy with how it turned out. Still kinda wish I did 12s6p. But, I have no complaints at all. She will still take off on you with the settings I have and mid 30s is a good top speed for this rig anyhow.

20181209_113748 20181209_113813 20181209_113923 20181209_123246 20181209_113831

Thanks Guys, and Happy Building! Oh yeah, don’t forget to enjoy riding too!


yaaass finally :heart_eyes:


Well done man :call_me_hand:t2:

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Sick build ! Congrats. I’m very interested on your experience with PU & glass frit on this deck as I’m still planning to do the same. Looking forward to a full account of the operation with do’s & dont’s cause I’m afraid to fuck it up.

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Love everything about this! Nice job.

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I will let you know. I am doing some tests on some scrap wood right now. I have a few decks I am planning for, so I want to get a descent process down before I try on something I don’t want messed up.

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@mmaner was SUPPOSED to come ride this bitch today (and I was going to rope him into helping me convert my Bludgeon to 6 shooters)… but that dude is SUPER flaky…lol. :grin::grin::grin::grin:

who cares about work anyway?!?! Get over here tomorrow! Putting you on blast!


Uh, it feels good to have a build thread up!

Just went for a ride with my 5yo, Jackson, on the board with me! We are enjoying some beers…(root beer for him).

His Star Board (build thread soon! 6s3p Dinghy) is waiting on a replacement Nano x remote (thanks @barajabali), so he is with me until that gets back in!



Also lost am enclosure screw…


My only point of improvement, FUCK THESE PHILLIPS! I already ordered some M3 socket bolts and fender washers so no biggie. To be expected too, only thing I haven’t lock tighted (tit?) yet.

Help me decide:

Red Fender washers to match the motors or Gold fender washers to match the baseplate? Or both, alternating?

Don’t mind the hott glue everwhere, I will tidy that up later, just wanna ride!


I’m a sucker for red and gold.


Aluminum and mass… :wink:

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Man, it made a world of difference, thank you!

BTW, @Deckoz on a 10s system, how far do you push the setting limits?

@psychotiller how much can these bad boys handle? I love these motors soooo much BTW.

Battery currently not more then 50A/ESC(focboxes)

Esc wise for motor setting you won’t ever be producing more wattage than a 13s setup at the maximum of the firmware amperage allows. Ie 120 motor amp Max and 170 abs Max unless you compile or convince ack to change it. So run whatever is safe for your motors. You’ve seen my duty cycle posts with effective wattage to the motors. And battery amps being the controlling factor to keeping it within the motor wattage limitations…

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Oh snap, I have mine at 60amp/ per box… though I don’t hit that. I do hit my motor max amps though…


Could I hit you up whenever is convenient sometime to get schooled on this a bit? I don’t use wattage control at all.

“Safe for my motors” is something I wonder about. Stated specs are 65a, but I know they can handle more.

This is riding and accelerating hard on relatively flat terrain IIRC.

Arggggghhhh, I wish could’ve gotten there today… damned legal department server crapped and restore g it to dissimilar hardware was easy but the litterally had millions of file and it’s taking forever. I’ve been restoring for 22 hours now and I’m about 2/3 complete.

I’m hoping it’ll be done tonight and I can resolve the ticket.


Can’t go wrong with either color, but I’d probably go red in the off chance the golds don’t match the baseplate color.

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That’s awesome, you got your boy started young! Been trying to get my 10yr old daughter on one without success. My 18yr old son will be taking his esk8 to school at Cal Poly in a couple weeks.


You have a LaCroix. I’m going to guess because I haven’t read through.

LaCroix holds 60 cells and you used 30Q. You say 10s. Let’s say the motors are rated for 2500 watts.

With the above info.

  • Battery size 60 cells = 10*6p
  • Battery Constant Current = 20a(single cell rating) * 6P = 120A
  • Max Battery A per ESC = 120A / 2esc = 60A per ESC
  • Focbox traces and copper pours rated for 50A Constant Current
  • Full Battery Voltage = 4.2v * 10S = 42v
  • Nominal Battery Voltage = 3.6v * 10S = 36v
  • Current drop off voltage aka healthy dead = 3.35 * 10s = 33.5v
  • Motor Rating at Max Duty Cycle(0.95) and Full charge(not realistic) = 2500W/(42v * 0.95dc) = 62.7A~ You fan see that this demand is already higher than your focbox max and max constant
  • Motor Rating at lower duty cycle with Max amperage possible in software(120A) = 2500W/120A = 20.83V/42v = 49% Duty Cycle see last bullet for converting the same wattage to the battery side drain, ie the two are the same but at different voltage

Ok so basically if your above 49% duty cycle you will never reach 120 motor amps. It will continually drop to not exceed battery amps. All of this is kind of fluxuating and partially relevant as the voltage sags and moves when you ride…


I’ll be honest, I had to read this 5 times, but it makes sense. Thanks for the knowledge, like always. So up I go on my motor amps, and I will back down the battery max to 50. You are the man!


Super sick build dude. Love the beer set right on top.


I have about 3/4 of a pint worth of clearance… aka a shitload. Even flexed it is way more than the protection of the front hanger. :grin::grin::grin::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: