Clamped mounts advice! SOLVED

Hey guys,

So on my latest build (dual rear) i’m using clamped mounts which are really cool and easy to install but as much as i tighten them, they still kinda slip if i drop the board too hard on the ground. Only like millimeters but i still have to adjust them. They are tightened all the way, so hard that i broke a bolt off from over torquing it.

Does anyone have any tips for making them not slip? tightening more is not an option i tried haha. Maybe thread lock? even as far as using superglue between the adapter and the bracket itself? the adapter does not move because it conforms to the Caliber truck. Please help!

Nevermind guys i figured it out! I will just file the gap so it is a little bit larger

Oh nevermind I misread your post.

Yeah, try thread locker. Glue seems a bit too permanent.

Where’d you get the mounts from?

Even with your solution, it’s good to make a hole for a set screw or a m4 screw all the way to the truck in order to secure any displacement.

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