Clamping instead of welding battery pack

How viable is it to clamp a battery pack together instead of welding with nickle strip? The author said they made a 10s3p pack by clamping the cells together using copper bus bar and poron sheet as a insulator.

I feel like the vibration is eventually going to cause the cells to pop off regardless of the poron sheets and the clamping force of the enclosure. I would never feel safe riding this.

IMG_20180912_201039 IMG_20180912_201050 IMG_20180913_204402

That looks to be very similar to a few compression packs that @agniusm and @winfly are working on. Yeah you may need to check on how the poron will behave with heat and vibration during operation. How far it will expand and how much it will shrink back to its original form.

Oh interesting and @Winfly has screws in there to ensure a solid compression. Definitely a much safer alternative than only using poron and enclosure for fit