So, I am boarding thru the local stripmall thingie. And for the first time I notice a warning sign, saying no skatebparding. Mine is a handicap vehicle. I dont zoom and I dont get cute with my antics. I simply use it as my major mode. Ifen I dont get reported as a punk, BY the mall authorities, can I get ticketed by police? Is my handicapped vehicle deemed immune? Are our boards simply skateboards? Plenty of folks have handicap scooters, wheelchairs, bicycles and golf carts.

Are local ordinances simply controlled by cop, or property owners?

Depending where you are from, yes. Unfortunately esk8 isn’t recognized as an assistant vehicle.

That will be defined by medical care and if they give a written consent that your board is a handicap vehicle.

Yes and no. It is classified as an skateboard/motorized vehicle. So it falls under a gray area depending on where.

Both depending.

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Are you in the USA?

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I am in Sun City, Ca. And we have chill cops here. and special lanes for golf carts. So it is a little different than places that hate youth etc. We dont pay for the city by entrapping and scamming folks.

Interesting that the sign mentions skateboards, but not motorized vehicles. So, I think I would have a niche argument. I will go study sign tomorrow. I think they just dont want any hoodlums hanging about in groups.