Clear red 97mm Abec 11 - metroboards link


Mit’s a shame abec don’t sell black real flywheel… these wheels are a first step !

Wow, these are the 97mm 75A :open_mouth:

Well that would explain what they have been doing with the 97mm mold.

Looks like a match made in heaven for @longhairedboy


That’s a great new look for Abec11’s but only 97mm and the price is so high. Their wheel pulleys look like very high quality and appear to accept standard skate wheel bearings.

Clearly the only way to reliably stock ABEC wheels is to have them make your own wheels. So tired of them being sold out everywhere.

I love that red… but i’m not putting metroboard’s name on my builds lol

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I’m sure you could take it off with your dremel skills… Acetone might work too but I’d love to see you go at it with a dremel lol

I’m a goddamned surgeon with that dremel. Hand me the sanding drum, i won’t even scratch the urethane.


Do their pulley work with no retainer ring? Just a straight nut to the axle?

I wonder if you could use acetone or benzine to swab it off? How are polyurethane wheels finished?

I’m not 100% sure but it looks like it works similar to the Enertion pulley with one exception that it uses a standard wheel bearing instead of a flanged bearing

Have a dual build going right now and should be getting these wheels :smiley: They look pretty kewl love that 75A.

They had black ABEC 75As before but the pulley was molded into the drive wheel. So soft, it is really weird riding on them and feeling no road bumps.

These are great, but do you think Metro will sell to any one who doesn’t have one of their boards? Wasn’t this an issue in the past with their pulleys?

He has limited stock so I doubt Ilan would want to sell just the wheels to random people… makes sense to save them for completes or existing MBs. I mean they are branded “metroboard” on them! However I think he is getting more stock soon so who knows

If anyone is interested I have some extra brand new set of Abec 11 97mm 78a during available for sale. Feel free to PM me if interested.

If you had those in 75A I’d have sent you money right now. Nevertheless, they are going to sell like hotcakes so just wait until tomorrow.

BTW where are you located and how much do you want shipped to FL?

Feel free to PM me directly

97mm Abec. Sold.

75a would be sew nice. Damn yo.