Clearance issue, any ideas?

So I’ve got a hummie deck and thought I’d try drop mount my trucks and reverse mount my mounts. Now the issue is that the bolts holding the mount to the trucks are in the way causing me to not have any clearance at all to turn the trucks, my main thought is to use a router and cut out a channel for the bolts to glide through but I’m not sure if that would cause any structural issues, if anyone could shine some light on the situation or give other suggestions I would be very grateful

image image image

I had to remove some material for hanger clearance in the same spot on my hummie deck when mounting drop with surfrodz. But looks like you’d need to remove more with this setup. Can you switch to wider tb caliber trucks?

I was thinking about doing that, I don’t have any space so I’d need to buy some, definitely a possibility though

Have you put the wheel and pulley on out of interest? Is it a push fit or bolt through pulley?

Yeah I have, I put it all together then noticed this issue, its a push fit


The good news is the hummie deck is thicker than post op nicki minaj. Theres a cf layer inside your cut out which is essentially giving your deck its strength as the top one is mostly aesthetic. Count the layers to that cf one and cut out down to that point and you should be golden.

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They sure are, I might just get away with not having to cut my hummie deck :smiley:



That clearance though…

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Man if I had the money I’d be all over them like a rash, they look so damn good

Your hanger is gonna hit

Wow thats close lol, being a student sucks

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Put looks aside and think about ride quality. It’s another level entirely.

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true, I’ve heard amazing things about them

I’m definitely worried about turns. Might not be dropping through after all. I can’t cut that board up, it’s too purdy

Just file a well, takes 2 mins and it’ll be fiiiiiiiiiiine


Used a drill and a dremel to add in a couple of channels, I’ll probaby open them up a bit to allow for sharper turns image image

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Loosen up your Kingpin a bunch and then you can move the hanger easily with your hands to see where you’ll have clearance issues

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Luckily the hummie deck is thicc af

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