CLEARANCE - Make an offer - Several great and unique parts

Due to some extenuating circumstances, I’ve had to part out some of my beloved Ankle Snapper board that has served me for the last few months. I will miss it dearly, as this was the fastest board I’ve built so far, with the longest range, and it was the most reliable. I’m hoping to get some cash out of it to work on the next big thing.

There are several parts in this lot that are unique and cannot be found anywhere else. They’re worth whatever someone us willing to pay, so make an offer. I’ve also added some other items what were found in my garage.

Redember boards “shuggah” original handmade deck with barely scratched caliber clones, V3 torque boards mount, scratched battery enclosure that fits up to 3 stacked rows of 18650 cells (I fit a 10s6p with 3 redundant BMSs for safety in there), unscathed ESC enclosure with loop key port and voltage meter good up to 60 volts, MBS wheels with 36 tooth pulley, just rotated, worn with one wheel chunking. The deck is the very first “shuggah” ever produced by @treenutter himself. IMG_2102 IMG_2103 This is a package - priority will be given for anyone looking to purchase this over individual items.

SOLD MBS All Terrain hybrid wheels. I love these things, but it’s time to let them go. They are all in decent shape, only one small chunk after over a year’s worth of riding and medium wear on two of the 4 wheels from rotating the drive wheel. The urethane from the chunk is still adequately attached to the wheel. These are older MBS wheels, which means that the cores are perfectly aligned with the urethane unlike newer productions of these wheels. Bones red bearings and bearing spacers are provided with them. IMG_2104 IMG_2105

SOLD Two @psychotiller enclosures, one for batteries, one for ESCs. The sticker bombed enclosure held the batteries and is very scratched, the ESC enclosure is in pristine condition and comes with the voltage meter harness, as well as high-grade boat insulation for sealing and protecting your deck from scratches. I would prefer that these be sold together as they work very well with each other, however individual offers are also accepted. IMG_2106IMG_2107IMG_2108

SOLD Original handmade @treenutter (redemberboards) “shuggah” deck, the very first one ever produced, with “X thingies” to keep hardware in place, as well as Caliber clones with upgraded 88a bushings and 1 inch risers for extra clearance, and P clamps (both metal and plastic/rubber) for holding lights and phase wires in place. The reason this deck will only sell with the trucks and @torqueboards V3 mount is because I have found that this combination of trucks + deck will work for both regular wheels and Psychotiller 6" pneumatics perfectly and is a dream to ride. Perfect for a very versatile single or dual drive build. As you can see, the mount is in good shape and has never come loose, and the trucks are virtually unscathed, I’ve taken very good care of this deck and there are no scratches on the ends. Grip tape is good and could use a little cleaning. IMG_2109IMG_2110 IMG_2111

10S Diyeboard single motor ESC and remote. I bought this from diyeboard for an electric scooter I was building for a customer and later upgraded to something better. This thing will not survive hill-climbing. If you buy the large package seen at the beginning of this post, I’ll throw this in for free. IMG_2112

Thanks, thats it! Again, any offers are welcomed.


i think people deserve to know what’s happening since i feel like you’re getting the short end of the stick

here’s what i know

@anorak234 built a scooter for someone in the city he lives in and they wanted it to be under $400 I believe and the customer wanted to reach 23 mph. So ben built the scooter within the budget and it reached 23 or 24 mph believe. Then the customer went back to ben, and complain that the scooter cannot go up at 25% grade hill. Keep in mind this guy is like around 200+ lbs, and apparently he threatened to sue ben if he didn’t make the scooter capable of going up that hill (not sure if he means 23mph up the hill or not). Furthermore the customer did not want to add any more money to the build and ben has to pay out-of-pocket to make the build up to the customers new standards.

personally think that is one shitty dude


Hey that absolutely sucks. It does shock me though how the threat of legal action can be so worrying. Surely it can’t be that easy to sue someone in the states? Terrible state of affairs.
Here’s an idea.
What about a group buy donation from the community so you can keep your creation and get rid of this arsehole.

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@dareno i’m down for this, but i don’t want to start a meta of coming here for help

i’ve got $20 for the cause @anorak234

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@chris.hunt @dareno thanks for the kind comments, I do agree that it’s an unfortunate situation and I am flattered by your willingness to help but I would like to politely decline the offer to start a community fund. I got myself into this, and I’ve gotten myself out. Just tonight I transplanted the electronics (VESC6 and 10s6p battery) to the scooter and got it to him. I know it’ll climb any hill he tries (the damn thing has a 12:72 gear ratio so torque is unlimited). Anyways, it’s out of my hair finally and the board is already disassembled. All funds produced from this sale will be going towards an emtb that I’ll build in starting in August, and I’ve also recently gotten a great gig as a soccer referee so I’ll be able to purchase what I need to get riding quickly again.


What!? That’s more than $400 right there!


As you wish my friend but know that as a leader of this community the effort and time you put into the forum is greatly appreciated by all of us.


ESCape* and it was a battery swap, I put in a 10s6p and took out a 10s5p since I know the 6p has the amps needed. The 10s5p is cheap cells but a family member offered to purchase it from me for a cruiser board. So yes, it’s hard to swallow but it got the job done and I can confidently say that I’ll leave the custom e-vehicle selling to longhairedboy and others.

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Here’s an idea. If you have the scooter back for repairs. Refund the guy.

Then the next time he contacts you, tell him to eat a dick!

Then, sell your parts off to get your money back and let him pick up his non powered scooter.


Also, would advise anyone who is selling other completes to get docs signed. In CA, people sue if you look at them the wrong way.

I’d love to build boards but one guy/girl crashing/dying and blaming it on me would wipe me out.

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This beyond angers me. Unless the guy specifically stated that he wanted his scooter to conquer hills, you should’ve put a sock in his mouth and have his on his way with his $400 scooter. Had he decided to sue i bet we all would’ve gladly contributed towards the legal fund and Counter sue fund. He literally stole your hard earned payed-for electronics. Oooooo does this piss me off. The bastard should’ve paid for the difference between the new electronics and old ones. Please tell me you didn’t give him the electronics that was already in the scooter


No, I took those out and sold most of them to minimize losses.

Man, that sucks dude. Honestly I would of told him to take his complaints and fold it into all sharp corners and shove straight and hard right up his old keister :).

If you decide to part it out let me know what you want for the deck.


oooooooo I like that a little too much.


What happened is awful! I’m also willing to help out financially! It is in situations like these that we need to help each other!!


I’ll chip in $25 for the cause!


How are we doing this?

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Again everybody, thanks for the comments and offers, I really appreciate the support from the community. I will be able to fund my next project with the money that I am making as a soccer referee, so although I am flattered by the offers I would like to politely decline.

Just a reminder that this is a “used items for sale” thread, so if you are interested in purchasing some of these items that is the best way to support my next board and help to move on from this situation.

@mmaner I am willing to part out and sell you the deck on Monday, if you don’t mind I’d like to see if there is any interest in the whole package first. You’re #1 in line. Thanks!


No worries brother, take your time. Good luck.


Hey! Could I have a better look at the damaged area of the MBS wheels please? And how much to ship to UK? Many thanks