Clearance on a landyachtz switch 40 deck with mbs 100mm wheels

Hi esk8 community!

I am currently waiting on a set of carvon speeddrive r truck/motors and considering different deck options.

What I am worried about is the clearance between the ground and my Enclosure. The Enclosure I am gonna use Is 38mm, but what are your thoughts on the clearance with a landyachtz switch 40 deck?

I am using 100mm wheels. Maybe I’ll need a set of risers? Does anyone know the exact clearance of the deck?

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

I’ll post a build thread when I get my parts.landyachtz-switch-40-blue-owl-deck-onlyfullsizeoutput_277_480x480images


I’ve got a switch 40 that I was going to use to make a mould for enclosures. As it’s currently set up it’s very close to the ground. So I was thinking 25mm internal depth enclosure and top mounted and see how it looked. How much battery are you thinking of and what type of bms are looking at?

My batteri is a 10s4p 36mm with a Built-in BESTECH BMS 60A Continous. So I think that a 38mm Enclosure is my minimum…

What wheels are you running?

It’s currently just the standard push deck so zombie hawgs. (80mm ish I think) So is the battery double stacked or is the bms sat on top of the pack?


Yeah it’s double stacked with the BMS in front.

But how many mm’s do you have now, in terms of clearance?

I can go take a look in a mo.

Thanks man, greatly appreciated!

Do you have a build thread or maybe just some pictures?

my clearance with 6 (low side) to 13mm (high side) wedged risers and bens enclosure w/ 83mm stickies

I have a carvon 4wd with a 12s6p with 107’s never really bad clearance issues. I have a thread of the build log

The deck is still sitting in the garage being used as a push deck. I got it as there was interest as a group buy and seemed to be demand for an enclosure… I’m so busy with other life stuff I’ve not got around to making a start!

Worn 76mm zombie hawgs, drop through. 60mm clearance.

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