Clearance Sale on Abec11 Wheels, Chargers, Batteries, Timing Pulleys

Metroboard is having a clearance Sale on Abec11 Wheels, Chargers, Batteries, Timing Pulleys. Prices reduced by as much as 50%! Great for DIY builders!

Ask us about volume pricing! [email protected]


the battery packs seem like a killer deal. Anyone has experience with metroboards? How’s their battery construction? Do they actually deliver??


They have the new MetroboardX recently out and have been around for a long time, not that I’ve ever bought something from them myself. I’m gonna guess these are the packs that were used in the old models, stealth or slim, something like that. And they’re just selling off the stock since their current board is nothing like the previous.

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you can’t go wrong… these are quality packs at a great price!

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Also offering Caliber Trucks at a great price:


Wait 35 is regular price here. Thats not good ^^

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Is there a particular preference between insert pulley and screwed pulley?

With your Press Fit Abec pulleys it says. Compatible with our brushless outrunner models only! what is that about, are you using 3M teeth?

that is just referring to our own product line. these pulleys will work with DIY builds as well… they are 5M 36 tooth pulleys

what kind of batteries are they for the 15 mile Battery THIN?

15 mile Battery THIN (10S3P, 36V 6.6AH) rated for 30 Amps Continuous Discharge

Some 2.2Ah cell with 10A cont. discharge

Samsung? Sanyo? LG? Does it matter much?

Samsung 22Pretty sure

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ok, just want to make sure they aren’t some no name brand

That’s what you get from those blue wrapped battery packs from ebay, aliexpress. This is a ESK8 Manufacturer, they have common sense. I would hope.

metro batteries are blue - no relation

in the 15 mile Battery THIN they are a generic brand 2.2AH cells rated for 8C. Despite being generic, they are good quality.

Oh damn, thanks for the info. I jumped to conclusions but left myself the possibility that they were non name brand cells.

Metro batteries are blue - relation

@murdomeek You think its a good idea to use metros battery with the elfotys we got? Just worried about the 30/50 amps not being enough, and using 10s5p and do 30-40 amps per motor.

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also check out these great deals on 190 mm AT Wheels and 155 mm AT Tires:


yeah probably not unfortunately :’( I’ll probably get a custom 30Q pack made with ~100a max discharge. (Not that the eloftys will need it, but too go have in case I change drives in the future)

These batteries seem like a no brainer for the prices.

I still don’t know a lot about DIY but these seem like a good investment for a stiff board.

I bought the “10 mile thin” 10S2P battery. It’s 4.4AH. The BMS is rated for 30A. Pack is tiny, 2lbs. Gonna put it in a small build for my kids. Can’t beat $100. Arrived the next day (I live very close to them)