Clearance with 12s4p

Just wondering how much clearence to the ground you guys got with 12s4p battery packs(torqueboard). Mine seems pretty low maybe it’s due to my drop down. Thinking of switching to a normal longboard instead drop down. I got like 1 1/2 inches to the ground from battery pack. So…people running big battery pack does it hit the ground alot?

It might be an issue with that deck since it’s much lower than typical. May need to switch out boards.

Mine is the same way brother, actually now looking at it. You have 107’s on as well. You’re drop down is really deep. I’d agree with @torqueboards probably have to change the deck

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You could use some risers if you like how that deck locks your feet in place.

Was it the height of the enclosure? Maybe you should have gone for a larger but thinner enclosure.

Either try some risers, another deck or another enclosure. Or maybe buy another enclosure and another deck and build two diferente board! hehe…best solution!

Probly going to have to switch deck, I was using 10s2p before which was really slim. I got torqueboard 12s4p which is double the height of 10s2p and my board already has 1in spacers and 107mm wheels. Guessing my drop down is too low I don’t want to damage my new battery pack. I swapped to my old deck now more clearence.

What trucks are those?

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Why would you buy a whole new deck? Spend a few dollars on risers, if needed

My distance push board has similar clearance and I’ve never had issues. Just dont go off curbs or over speed bumps

I didnt buy new deck, just swapped my dual hub deck for this mono 6374 build. @myreala the trucks are 218 torqueboard. @jmasta it’s already on 1 inch risers.

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I think 3.5" is sufficient… your truck/wheel combination is the limiting measurement in terms of what you can ride over. Avoid curbs and speed bumps like @jmasta said and you’ll be fine… Unless the deck is really flexy and you’re getting even lower when you stand on it.

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I’m with @treenutter