Clearing out some extra parts... Motor, NEW Focbox, new trucks, dual motor mounts

Hey guys clearing out some parts, bought all this stuff and then switched to a mountain board so I have these left over. Feel free to check out my username on RCgroups, sold tons of stuff, all positive feedback.

  1. FOCBOX Unused! powered just to make sure it is working and will connect to bldc tool, I conformal coated the PCB (except for the top of the direct fets for proper mating to the heat sink) making it pretty much water proof, Looking to get 140 shipped. SOLD

  2. 6355 Diy electric skateboards motor 230kv. Light use, only 50 miles, I took the motor apart and cleaned it out, made sure it was like new. paid over $100 Killer motor for 10s. Looking to get $60 shipped cover PayPal fees.

  3. Torque boards v2 Pro Trucks mounted and ridden on for LESS than 1 mile! $40 shipped cover PayPal fees.

  4. 2x Torque boards motor mounts black again LESS than one mile on them, I paid $120 looking for $90 shipped cover PayPal fees

  5. 2x wheel pulley 40T 12mm wide again less than one mile on them paid $80 each looking for $55 shipped.

I’ll take the dual motor mount and the wheel pulley. PM me. :ok_hand:

I’ll take the trucks with motor mounts for $100 if it becomes available.

Which country would you be shipping from?

Shipping is from southern california

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Its a bit low for the trucks and motor mounts, I was asking for $145, Either way my inbox is flooded with replies one guy is interested in almost all of it so I am going to prioritize a larger combo sale, will let you know if it falls through.

Ahh it was PER motor mount. The S made me think it was for 50 for both. No problem take the higher price and let me know if it becomes available

Dam. Supply is not up to demand for caliber motor mounts. :joy: Hope someone start mass producing them.

bumping this thread up, Hope to get this stuff sold soon.

PMd again 10 char

You’d need to lower the price for that focbox, especially since it isn’t brand new. People are more likely to buy from guys like LHB at that price point.

Its $217 to get a focbox to your door in the US from enertion… I think my price is fair also they are out of stock. Considering the ESC was never connected to a motor I would call it new.

@longhairedboy also sells them at $150 new I believe. So I wouldn’t call your price a great deal, but it’s deffinetly par for the market

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33 AM $158.50 from lhb to my door in Michigan. Also, brand new. Also, I’m sorry but people are much more willing to buy from a certified seller. I know I would go as far as spending an extra 20 if it’s from a certified seller. I’m just trying to help, please don’t take this offensively.

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If either of you are interested I am open to offers.

Prices dropped, willing make some more cuts if we can make a deal today, especially if buying more than one item

I DMed you earlier but haven’t gotten a response so I thought I’d reply here, I would do the VESC for 130 if you’re interested and I can do it asap.

Found this site through google. I’ll pay your asking price of 140 shipped for the FOCBOX but I need it ASAP.

FOCBOX is sold sorry!

I can ship out today if you buy in the next hour. ALL PRICES have been dropped.