Clicking link for General Discussion mention notification results in 404

If I’m mentioned in General Discussion chat, I receive a notification. If I click that notification I’m presented with a 404.

Was mentioned, got notification:

Clicked notification, got 404:

That happens to everyone. You have to click the megaphone thing in the top right corner and scroll until you find your name. Maybe @onloop is working on something that might fix this?

I assumed it happens for everyone. That just suggests it should be fixed. To be clear, I don’t feel entitled to this forum working perfectly; I don’t know who owns it but I guess running it comes out of their pocket. However the general consensus for most software is that if an issue isn’t reported it can’t be fixed, so I reported it :slight_smile:

Haha yea @onloop owns the forum, he pays the bills. I bet he’s working on a fix