Clicking motor problem- Solved

Just solved a clicking motor problem and wanted to let everyone know in case someone runs into the same problem.

I had a clicking motor noise and initially I thought it was either a loose magnet or a seized bearing inside the motor. Turns out, it was none of that! It was a loose motor pulley + the key way shifting back and forth. The clicking noise was from the key way shifting and banging against the key way groove.

I was fortunate to notice it before I started to disassemble my motor.

So, if you have clicking noises, it could be also from a loose motor pulley.


Use Loctite and forget about these issues forever

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@eboosted, with using the loctite 680 on motor pullies, how did you get the leftover “residue” out of the pulley after heating an removal.

There isn’t much or anything, just enough inside the pulley to make it difficult to put on a new motor .shaft

cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol works for removing the loctite residue

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Loctite. I’ll say it again…loctite. The vibrations these boards go through can be very severe at times. Most of us get caught up in wanting to build and ride but a nice foundation of a solid build makes for a longer and more pleasant riding experience. One warning though, in my opinion, dry fitting for testing is ok. Make sure everything works then go back and use loctite.


Anyone has tips on securing the tiny screw into the motor pulley? It’s so sickening! My allen key alway comes loose on the screw and it becomes impossible to unscrew. Or maybe the thread lock is too agressive :man_shrugging:t5: I keep buying pulleys. 20190612_164833

Do you use green or blue loctite?

I have a red

Is the content inside of the bottle red or is the bottle red?

Both red, it’s loctite red

The red loctite has the highest strength and to loose the red, you have to use the mighty blowtorch. Because the red can only be dissassembled with heat. Heat only the point, where the set screw is. Quote from Henkel image

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Work your way up the Loctite ladder. I use paint/nail polish to both lock externally and mark the fastener to the part, so I can see movement at a glance.

Last night after the maiden voyage and 3 mile shakedown run (first board build), everything checked tight with the nail polish except the motor mount to truck bolts. They got Loctite today. So far so good.

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Thanks man! So I guess when the screw get stuck and worn out by the hex key, it’s done right? Any way out

You could drill out the screw, but be careful not to destroy the thread. Next time use blue loctite

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:rofl: Guess who ordered more red loctite yesterday!!! :pray:

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If you consider a one time installment, that will be fine by then

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