Clicking noise in 1 of 2 TB 6374

Hi there

Having a slight clicking noise from one of my torqueboards motors that I just bought. Never used, just set up with VESC.

Weird sound when spinning

Manually finding the one spot that clicks… Low sound, but you should be able to hear it.

Does anyone know how to fix this, or what it is making that noise? I’m thinking loose magnet or something? Any and all help is much appreciated :heart:


Doesn’t seem like much of an issue. Have you tried using it? Could be a bearing rocking back and forth when you apply pressure? Perhaps someone else has any advice.

Yeah, just don’t want to bust a brand new motor :b It has a very different sound than the other one, which runs super smooth. Do I have your blessing to try it out?

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@deecept yawp! :+1:

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@torqueboards - Finally got around to installing and testing this. Works fine, but the ‘clicking’ is still there after a few miles ridden. However, it seems at full blast I get quite a bit of (in lack of a better term) ‘torquesteer’ ? Sorta feels like it pulls to a side… I immidiately let go the trigger, because falling at full speed isn’t really a hobby I wanna take up right now :stuck_out_tongue: Is there anything I can do to combat this? Maybe the KV is different? Or Max RPM is different? Any insight would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Dude, next time pull that clip up over the shaft instead of spreading it out around the shaft.

The wrong way! the top part of the shaft is thicker than the clip socket, that’s why there is a special plier to spread the clip over the lower side of the shaft. So yeah, all the ways lead to Rome! I did both ways

Screenshot_20190822-083130 Screenshot_20190822-084043

(oh and speed is wrong, was only going like 38km/h) This is at speed, going from 75% acceleration to 85-100% Very weird. At full throttle it even says it’s braking? Screenshot_20190822-083116

Please help Obi Wan @torqueboards, you are my only hope!

PS; Clicking is still there. When rocking the can sideways (yes, sideways, not in-and-out), it actually moves quite a bit. How to fix??

Edit: I have since gone over all connections, taken the motor apart, with no change. Still wiggles, and still can’t pull the same amps as the other one. Seems like a defective motor :frowning: