Clicking noise in my Ollin motor

It’s an Ollin 200kv motor. Anyone knows what causes this noise? Magnets loose? How do I disassemble the motor anyway? This happened after my belt snapped.

Please search first next time. @chaka will probably provide you a replacement

This is probably due to running your belts too tight. It may need some fresh bearings.

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How do I change the bearings?

I would recommend sending it in for that or you could get some snap ring pliers and do it yourself. It is an easy process but we do not mind checking them out for you.

Did you ever solve this issue @jkrider? I have an @OllinBoardCompany and Racestar 200kv motor which both make this exact sound. A third Racestar I have runs smoothly, without the clicking sound.

Something tells me it’s likely the bearings but I have less than 500km on each (no riding in the rain) so it’s difficult to believe they’re already worn.

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i had the same issue in the first ride…probably i was using belts too tight. Send PM to @chaka…he will sort this out.

Make sure your grub screw is tight. This was the reason for clicking in my racestars.

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Um, it just kinda went away. I still use the same motor but it’s not as quiet as it was before. I still don’t know the cause of the noise. Bad bearings or loose magnets maybe? Something was hitting something else inside the motor but it’s not making the same noise anymore. Speaking of motor, I am sort of looking for a replacement as the Ollin motor they’re selling right now is sold out.

I’d open up the motor to check for dirt, loose parts or clicking bearings. And while it’s opened you could give it a bit of a cleaning too and your motor will be happier than before. Happy motors :kissing_heart:

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