Clip on enclosure?

Opinions on making a fully sealed enclosure with spring indexing connectors and a quick release enclosure? It would return an electric board to a push board in a second without loose wires leaving only motors and belts. Not sure why you would need it but its an idea

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I think spring-loaded contacts would be problematic at the high currents we feed our motors. Embedded bullet connectors are a possibility, I’ve seen some amazing builds with those. In terms of making an enclosire that can be quickly and fully detached, it’s a neat idea. If I were doing it, I’d probably give it a lid that seals it, rather than relying on the fit between the deck and the enclosure to seal.

What do you mean by embedded bullet connectors? Are they anchored to the deck?

Something like this.

Rout out some slots in the deck and embed the wires and bullet connectors into the deck so that when you place the enclosure, it has plugs that mate with the deck. When you remove the enclosure, the wiring stays put with no flopping around.

Sealing an enclosure at least to a waterproof standard is difficult regardless…

However if the lip of an enclosure was as wide as the deck, you could potentially use Bulldog or Mori clip style fasteners to secure the enclosure to the deck around its perimeter, and still be able to remove it quickly.

Might not look the nicest, but it would be possible.

I’m also thinking on a 100% conformal enclosure for my build. More ike one that s detachable from velcro underneath.

You want a little esc box that’s permanently attached, then you clip the heavy battery and bms to that. You can just use a pivoting xt90s and rails or something like that. Removes 80% of the weight but no phase wire concerns