Clone Board ESC/Electrical Issues, asking for help

Hello all, almost a year ago I got an AC Electric Longboard, and its been treating me surprisingly well for a being a cheap clone dropbox board, up until about two months ago. However, due to midterms and snow, I haven’t really had time to pay attention to it.

I don’t know how to diagnose what is wrong. I think the ESC is malfunctioning, due to a variety of factors. Those are

  1. The power button does nothing. It does not turn the EBoard on nor off, regardless of the boards previous state. The board turns on whenever plugged in and the motor wheel is turned.

  2. There appears to be some burnt plastic on the capacitor(?) on the green wire, so perhaps there was a short?

  3. When the board is on, the remote still works, however, the braking system does not. I could hear/feel the motor trying to break, however, it simply would not decelerate me more than the slightest amount per attempted rotation.

  4. When I opened up the cage for the ESC, I was able to see that whenever the remote attempts to brake, there is a solid red light, which makes me think that the ESC thinks it is functioning well, however there are many issues.

My Video

Pics: power button ESC burnt plastic ESC Pic 2

I believe the motor is still functioning fine, and the battery also still functions relatively well for its age, however a replacement wouldn’t be too bad. If the issue is the ESC, some recommendations would be nice, as I’ve never built a board before.

Finally, the company that produced this clone of a nicer EBoard no longer exists, so a warranty is completely useless/void at this point

Here is a link to the Specs (Link 2)

Motor: 350W Brushless Hub

Deck: 6 Bamboo layers/ 2 Maple layers

Remote: Bluetooth remote w/ reverse, brake, and 3 diff speeds. (I have a spare unpaired one)

Battery: 36V 4.4AH Samsung Li-Io battery. (18650 cell)

All in all, this $300 clone board was a gift, so i’m not too mad that it’s finally shit out on me after about 9 months of use, but I do have my tax return coming, and I have decided I want to dedicate about $450 to either fixing/improving this board, or starting a new build/buying a new (to me) EBoard.

I was hoping y’all could help me out and inform me on a couple potential solutions, either zombifying, fixing, or replacing this EBoard.

Thanks for any and all information.

I have been lurking these forums for a few weeks so I know that $450 is a tiny budget for starting a new board, however, I am a broke college student and this is my main source of transportation. I do have access to a 3D printer, so I could print out new motor mounts and other smaller pieces if needed as well. I am a fan of the current hub motor, so I would love to at the very least salvage that and the battery pack.

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Might get a lot more help over at

Initially I would say you simply need a new ESC/power button combo. If you copy and paste your post over on forum. you may get additional help/answers :slight_smile: