Clone Evo | Landyachtz Evo Falcon | ABEC 107mm | 13s5p | Top Mount FocBox | SK3 6374 | Metr Pro

Yerpppp they share the same UART pins on :wink:


Wait what? where? on which VESC?

Focbox… If you try to use uart(Bluetooth) and plug into usb at the same time you cannot

WTF it does work for me :smiley:

I could not get USB+metr+receiver working at the same time lol

I dont have metr but hm-10 works fine :wink:

Forgot to say I’ve been training foot breaking lots, one board I ride with no breaks, turned out to be so much fun - rides are more about skating than eskating, its changed my whole style of riding :slight_smile:

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Progress: @Eboosted Falcon Enc. arrived and the pics don’t do it justice its really lovely ! :slight_smile:




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Progress: X Braces & FocCase Mount

@akhlut arrived :slight_smile: look really good, only need one now so going to experiment with a little red highlight image

@Kug3lis mount arrived, not remounting just now - test fitting looks perfect!

shaping up nicely :sunglasses: image


Looking good, I’ve gone with 180mm trucks on my 36" build. That front truck looks HUGE! I quite like the width of the back though, especially with that focmount.

From your picture it looks like your grip tape was attached by the same person as mine :expressionless: slightly off center to the right?

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yea I don’t like the look of the front truck - that’s with 83mm flywheel clones 107s might look slightly better, truck width makes me want another 2 motors on the front lol

the grip I through I kept on getting weird angles on my pics but yes looks like its off center just a little :wink:

Progress: FocCase

not sure on direction to mount, motor leads to the back image

or front image

mounted metr inside image

still to sort out the receiver image

Progress: Charger @Deckoz I really like these SP13 2 Pin Aviation connectors! :slight_smile: image

Progress: Battery Mocked up 13s5p fits :smile:

BMS up front image

Switch up back image


I would mount it so the power wires out back and phase wires up front. This way you can run both of them underneath and cleanly hide the wires. :wink:

@sk8l8r here’s how I did it on the trampa still needs wire mesh but you getting idea… IMG_20180528_220035-01


Are those tires «gummies» without air?

Look like the new Trampa treads 6.5”

How do they ride @Deckoz

Loads of progress …

P Groups

Hot glued and fish paper added - rings and folded over positive terminals for fuse wire isolation image

fuse wire was fairly easy to weld at 7ms, soldered fuse wire to pcb image

on the negative, nickel strip with 2 bent over and soldered to make connection to pcb image

that extra solder was on purpose image

soldered balance leads image

wrapped in kapton tape (cut outs for S connection soldering)

Wheels decided I needed the extra 7mm and went for some ABEC 107mm SuperFly image

and those Bronson G3’s originally bought by one-click-accident, they just turned up one day, was planning to use Bronson RAW’s (for the sound) but in the words of my 7yo nephew ‘they are REALLY smooth’

the 107mm makes things look much more in scale with these wide trucks… image

was a little annoyed at the random green addition to my colour scheme image

but only until I spotted it happened to match the socks I was wearing :slight_smile:

Enclosure drilled for mounting image

unsure of the size for the nutserts (I went for the ones that fitted skate truck bolt hardware) image

drilled the deck for nutserts (added some epoxy to secure) image

needed some 10mm foam to make it all fit perfectly image

my red skate hardware and red counter sunk washers arrived :slight_smile: image

added the charge port image

added layers of foam image

p groups isolated using foam backed fish paper image next task wire up the P groups image


Hey, that looks really great. I actually have a similar build. Where did you get the red hardware? Is it anodized?

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Where did you get the fishpaper? Anywhere local?


@HansWurst90 thanks, sadly not anodized but really cheap :slight_smile:

@moon got from banggood. Found none in the EU was starting to wonder if it’s sold under some other name