CLOSED 10s4p (SAMSUNG 25R) 190€

I am in for 2 packs fully loaded…bms ect…to Spain.

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Also if you could find out the dimensions of packs that would be great.

Of course you can but you will have to do this at home. I am sorry but I can only give 1 scheme to the factory. Customization means more costs.

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How did you measure The cells in detail?

The pack will not look like this (I did soldering on this, and it is custom made to fit on my deck) but it is made with cells and bms from the same factory.

Measurements were taken with multimiter, scale and caliper.

The pack without the BMS will have these dimensions : 39.8x13.5 cm (dimensions of a single cell :18.3x64.8mm plus spacers)

This is how it will look like after professional spot welding (picture from enertion. They used nichel connections instead of copper, but structure is the same)

Cool thing about this BMS is that cell balance situation is shown by leds Plus some pictures of the battery lcd

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So its similar to a spacell pro?

So this is basically a space cell for half the price

I dont know how many amps space cell’BMS can drain. I know for sure that the cells and the scheme are identical (10s4p samsung 25r). The connections on my pack (in the case they use nichel) are slightly more expensive (few cents). Lcd does the same function. I will use awg 8 silicon cables (dont know about space cell).

The space cell should have a 40A fuse

Would the entire pack be finished in heat shrink like the enertion or aps space cells? What connectors will be included.?

Heat shrink and cable are included if you add the BMS. The position of the BMS is customizable since I am soldering it.I didn t think to add the connectors but if there is much request I could add xt90 for about 60cents.

Will there be one for US?

Shipping to US would be 26euro. I will leave priority to european buyers for now.

I’m interested too, but I’m in the US. Probably get a couple.

Sure please notify me if you have any left.

I’d be interested in US as well maybe we can arrange for a group buy I’d even take a 10s3p I’m on the fence with purchasing the 12s2p from Miami eboards. Just because I have heard the vesc is less reliable with 12s.

I can run the US distribution, for everyone if you wanted to cut down the shipping. That way the MOQ can be increased and the price dropped.

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Same here.

That would be great if we could do 12s.