CLOSED 10s4p (SAMSUNG 25R) 190€

Heat shrink and cable are included if you add the BMS. The position of the BMS is customizable since I am soldering it.I didn t think to add the connectors but if there is much request I could add xt90 for about 60cents.

Will there be one for US?

Shipping to US would be 26euro. I will leave priority to european buyers for now.

I’m interested too, but I’m in the US. Probably get a couple.

Sure please notify me if you have any left.

I’d be interested in US as well maybe we can arrange for a group buy I’d even take a 10s3p I’m on the fence with purchasing the 12s2p from Miami eboards. Just because I have heard the vesc is less reliable with 12s.

I can run the US distribution, for everyone if you wanted to cut down the shipping. That way the MOQ can be increased and the price dropped.

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Same here.

That would be great if we could do 12s.

Noob question: How do you charge these?

reserve 1 for me. Im from Europe btw

I’m assuming there will be balance connectors installed, so you would need a 10s balance charger, or if you get the BMS installed, just a simple power brick that should come with the BMS.

Maybe interesting too I’m from Greece. You don’t expect to pay any additional custom a such big order ? I’m afraid that customs of your country will charge you extra.

Haha man Greece is still in Europe, no additional costs for you. BTW there will be no fees asked from my country, no matter destination and value. Only custom fees will be probably asked by destination countries that are outside Europe.


BMS come with these main functions: short protection, low and high voltage protection, balance function with LEDs showing unbalanced cells, temperature pretection etc…

Continuous charge current: 5A Continuous discharge: 49A

We are getting these BMSs at a very low price therefore no charger is included. The voltage needed for charging will be 42v (36v chargers will not charge the battery). The amp can be between 2 and 5.

It’s 49A discharge good enough?

" BMS inside the S.P.A.C.E. Cell Can handle 30A continuous " 49 amps should be fine

New plans for wires and connectors: now if you select the BMS option XT90 connector is included. The wires for the battery will be 10AWG since this thickness can theorically drain 140A, which is enough.

I’m interested too with the full pack

I would like to reserve a pack and all the add ons

What’s the dimensions of the pack and the current specs ?