(CLOSED) $50 Surfrodz RKP press fit mount Round 2. 🛹

This is round two of my sufrodz press fit mounts for RKP 200mm hangers.

  • These come as a set of two, left and right.
  • Motor to motor distance is 168mm
  • Holes are made to fit marc88 motor plates, but optional no holes for people who want to make their own motor plates.
  • For those looking to use a different plate or make their own, inside hole needs to be at least 29.5mm and the center to center of the M4 screws needs to be 46mm.
  • I want to get minimum 10 sets before I get to factory to start cutting them.
  • My Paypal for those who have trouble with google sheets. lukeritchiedesigns at gmail dot com
  • Price is $50 usd including shipping. Plus paypal fees if any. If you can send to me in USD that is preferable, paypals exchange rate is terrible. If not just try to send equivalent amount after fees. Thanks. :heart_eyes: Edit: Paypal fee is $2.50 as seen after a few guys paid.

More info and photos on the previous group buy thread. Seems like everyone was happy with them.

Sign up sheet here.


Can you please put me down for one. I could never work those sheet for some reason. I would really appreciate it

Ok I put you on the list. We at 6 peeps now. :+1:

Would it be possible to make the same press fit mount but for the hex TKP? I would take a set of them and the RKP in a heartbeat

That’s a pretty good idea. But I would want to have some TKP hangers to test fit as the tolerance is like 0.05mm. Not sure I would trust a cad model of them. I don’t have any TKP hangers at the moment.

@lrdesigns I can get one sent across if you want?

I think i added mt name. Not sure if the app worked

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It worked! :+1:

That would be cool!! Send me a PM.


I am making one, not sure if we need that :slight_smile:

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@Powadangaboards Might be an easier way to go. I would like to have a hex version at some point though.

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I’ll give the files away after confirmation

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I;m in for set

As someone who picked up a set from the first round- these are a great deal and solid quality. Thanks again for making this possible @lrdesigns

Just signed up for another 2 sets.

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Im in for a set but cant figure out the google doc on my phone. @lrdesigns, can you add me to the list for 1 set?

I’m in :slight_smile: got 2 sets of marc88 plates on order, I’ll send the TKP hangar to you as soon as I get it :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone who signed up. We have over 10 sets now so it’s for sure a go.

Sorry for no dates yet. The factory has gone on Chinese New Year vacation until the 12th Feb. unfortunate timing for this buy. Anyway if everyone can pay befor the 12th it will be helpful to get them done ASAP.

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Its time for everyone to pay up now if we want to get this rolling soon. Factory is back from CNY tomorrow. 3 guys already paid. Now I can be sure the paypal fee is $2.50 so please transfer $52.50.


There are 13 sets spoken for on the sign up sheet, so thinking about asking them to make 15 sets. I can add more sets when they get close to actually cutting metal, should not be an issue for them. I did that on the last order.

Also if you want the no motor plate holes option, please speak up now. :speaking_head:

sayekim @Static @Steven1 @XTLA @DAddYE @MannyM0E @Bobby @topcloud @komamtb @DerelictRobot @Powadangaboards

Thanks again!


Money sent.

Thanks bro. All good.

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