(CLOSED) Deck construction and some ideas with sketch up...just playing around

Just playing around and constructing something like an eboard deck with hopefully a new and unseen shape. Ideas seemed to explode but this program called sketch up will end my journey in a few days, because i just got a 30 days trial version of it. I decided to drop down the rear in a kind of mold i call the flux-zone to be able to press down the board with your backfoot if you got the power i want hahaha…you can keep it, now i got a killer board hahaha

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Fusion 360 is free forever really and better. I learned a bit of sketch up and moving to fusion I feel like a real man :vampire: Looks nice though. What happens next?


Oh thank you for your good advice, i will try this program you mentioned…not easy to say for me what happens next because I never build an electric board on my own, but i got a passion for skateboards for about 40 years now and brand new im obsessed with the electric boards…I got billion ideas to make a board more comfortable to carry for example but honestly i don’t know what comes around next…I got some more plans done in sketch up which i can show you if you want to. In my first build(if there will be one,hahaha) i will just focus on the electrics and would use the R7 deck from Carella and maybe some chinese hubs from the onan x2 wich i like. Maybe Your hubs if my budget gives me that chance. Until then i ll break my head and read and think about new solutions for better boards.

I read that they are moving to forcing you to pay for it in the coming months.


OH NOOOOOOOO! But right now its for free? Sounds like another demo version-fuck. I just started and have to stop again. Evil world, hahaha

Here some other ideas… 15 14 44

Looks really nice man, I started freecad last month. It’s also free but not intuitive.

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Thank you so much for your help about my sketchup issues hahaha…Im very happy if you like what im doing…56 06

I like the shape like a tub but gets pretty low to the ground.

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Watch that rear wedge… Having the front angle less than the rear will make for an extremely unstable ride. Id suggest dewedging the rear and wedging the front if anything. Generally, dewedging RKP lowers the ride too so the slight increase in deck material wouldn’t make much of a difference in actuality.

Other than that, I love the design… Very unique, and I second fusion 360 student edition. Been free for me for ages…

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Yeah thats what i like most…I always skate rockered decks, amazing feeling. I do not like the drop downs that much, because i need full control of my trucks, and with a rocker and a topmount deck i can easiely change me feet position if i need to. If you ask me how to build the new carvon evo i would also use the Carella R7 deck, hahaha, but every rider has his own likes and dislikes.

Oh yeah…this design was drawn together without thinking about riding stability yet. I think I would copy the angles of a baffle 37 because this is my favorite deck ever. Thank you so much for your information, i will keep that in mind.

Here you can see the mini wheels on the tail, so you can roll the deck through the shopping mall like known from suitcases. Theres also a little grappy area underneath the nose for the perfect handle i hope. 22

Just a picture from somewhere 25 in between…

here you can hopefully see the grappy nose area…47 07

Everyone who joined my first little thread, those who were interested and open minded, those who were curios and those who helped me, i have to tell you, that i got in big trouble about the last weeks because I frighted my windows laptop with the wrong adapter(me fuckin idiot!) and i am not in the position at the moment to hold on to ComputerGraphics and/or CAD like i daily used to do. I will give it to repair tomorrow and i hope there is a chance to repair it. My only option by now is an old macbook with the yosemite system i hate like the devil.There is NO way for me to get any program without at first burning a money train or blasting off some money terminals.Every help from my friends didn’t work and we all lost our minds about that…i cannot get another system on-nothing! Never before i got in such a big trouble, left behind in empty space and an empty hard disk, hahahahaha Its weird just using a macbook not able to work with in any way:nauseated_face:

…the told story is not as bad as it sounds, because i have to read more upon this set up and i can learn without loosing myself in my own micro cosmos which always feels pretty comfortable to me.

So finally i want to close this thread, because i can’t serve more created things or data in any kind about Skateboarding at the moment. The only thing I can do is to participate myself with stuff i find across the internet and/or thoughts and visions(yes i have them ahahah), or 100 year old stuff i got on my sd card on my smartphone. Thank you for reading.