CLOSED EU Bestech BMS Group Buy (I know there have been many lately lol)

So due to many problems with USPS I am still in dire need of a bms and can not wait much longer. The following is not limited yet. If you have any suggestions concerning the selection of bms or cutoff voltages, let me know! _

Offered choices: HCX-D223V1 - 10s - HCX-D190 - charge only - without eswitch - 10s -

HCX-D223V1 - 12s - HCX-D205V1 - charge only - without eswitch - 12s - _

Cutoff Voltages (conservative I think): Over charge detection voltage: 4.20V+/0.025V Over charge release voltage: 4.10V+/0.05V Over discharge detection voltage; 2.80V+/0.05V Over discharge release voltage: 2.90V+/0.1V _

These prices are good guesstimates. Still waiting for Bestech to confirm and obviously in EU you never know exactly how much the customs office will make you pay. Not looking to make a profit so any changes larger than 2€ will be refunded/charged. _

Item €uros
Bms w/ discharge + eswitch 36
Paypal + Shipping + Taxes 13
BMS charge only 19
Paypal + Shipping + Taxes 10
German shipping tracked 6
EU shipping tracked 9
International shipping tracked 16


Google Form (please fill in)

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I will take a few and @Tomer is buying 3 so we got a small GB already. Would be nice to get some more orders to drive the fees down.

Nice one for organising this. I need some more. I’m in for 2 :+1:t2: To the UK.

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In Ten char


So this looks like the prices were about right, still depending on the customs charges. Would like to place the order this week still.

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I just sent the final list (13 items) to bestech in order to get the final invoice. The prices are set for now so I will send you my Paypal address and we can order ASAP.

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