Clutch bearings for electric longboard?

I was just thinking, if you could secure clutch bearings (or one way bearings) in drive pulleys, the motor drive would only engage when its turning faster than the wheels in neutral. This way when your board dies you could push it like a normal longboard. McMaster carr sells them and I cant figure out any way to secure them but has anyone ever done this?

doesn’t that also mean you lose brake functionality?


Yes sir. I thought about the same thing using a single motor on the rear in a differential and single on the front for brakes, but its a ton of work on trucks and most of it outside my wheel house. Neat idea though.

that sounds like what carvon has already shown

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Its actually like what ECF has already done.

I was going to take a shot at it, but the mill where I work, that could have been used to tool the hanger, died. Its gonna be around 20k to replace it, so not gonna happen for a bit.

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