Cnc?!?!?!? goliath

I am an avid Kickstarter fan and this looks awesome especially for cutting boards!

Goliath CNC - An Autonomous Robotic Machine Tool for Makers, via @Kickstarter


I’m very hesitant to say this will cut accurately. Any deviations in the cut (like hitting a knot) will result in vibrations and small movements of the cutting head.

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Exactly what I tought

It has sensors to tell where it is on a table at all times, they say its for wheel slip. Still not as accurate as a real cnc.

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How does it deal with concave and different levels?

it works from one corner to the opposite corner. I literally jsut read for 5 min.

there’s no way that thing is going to work on a board that has any kind of concave at all ever.

And forget my boards or something with a bacon concave or hard w concave.


X-Carve for lyfe :wink:


Great you had the time to read :slight_smile: So how does it deal woth concave? Will the cut depht be rhe same over the whole xyz surface? Doubt it

You have one? Might be my 30th birthdaypresent for myself :smile:

Im sure you can use a ball-end mill and program it to cut a horizontal finish on wood to give it a smooth curve. It has a powered z axis, so i dont see why you wouldnt be able to.

Nope. Four shopbots on the other hand…

Ask lhb about the xcarve, I really don’t like the shopbots, only 1hp spindle :triumph:

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xcarve is fucking amazing for the following reasons:

  • you can buy the smallest complete kit inventables has and learn everything you need to know about a CNC because guess what? They make you put the damn thing together yourself and if you knew shit about how they worked before you’ll know everything you need to by the time the last screw is in.
  • you can stack up additional maker rails and make it as huge and beefy as you need to. I made mine longer and narrower and reinforced the rails with steel brackets and now i’m cutting out decks. if i double up the aluminum rails on both axis i could easily carve sheets of aluminum if i stood there with a cold beer and spritzed it with a spray bottle now and then.
  • You get to use a real router (i use the dewalt 611) that is available off the shelf locally if the thing fries. Lots of bits are available too, on and offline.
  • huge community of modders and users out there to help you out
  • it uses a fucking ardiuno. How can you say no to them? they’re so cute!
  • Tiny blonde vikings just show up and vacuum it for you:
  • women throw their panties at you and scream your name

The mill bit doesn’t matter in this case. It will not work over a concaved surface. But it’s a cool portable cnc for flat surfaces

You had me with the females throwing panties. Where the hell did I put my credit card?


I really dont know about this, part of the reason CNC mills today both hobby and industrial use gantry designed tables is because of the force needed to press into the work piece. Its not excessive by any stretch of the imagination but its still a factor in cutting speed.

Cutting lamination - Carbon fiber, Fiber glass, composite hardwood and so on shouldn’t pose much if any issue. Until you start chattering, and the vibrations start moving the CNC off alignment. As well traction issues, dense, harder materials will require more force toward the cut line - which again falls against the weight and the traction that the design will allow.

This might do well for super thin stuff like what is shown, but i wouldn’t hold my breath on it being any better than a Shapeoko, X-Carve or Black foot/Blue Chick CNC routing table.

I mean it’s a cool idea I just don’t see it working for longboard decks; as others have said any concave or shaping and this little robot is gonna roll right onto the floor! Perhaps if you use it to cut perfectly flat decks, and there’s enough excess material around the shape to accommodate the wheels, and the deck is made of cardboard or newspaper :slight_smile:

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how about this one? Its the same concept but its handheld and best of all not a kickstater.

There’s no way this will accurate. I love my x-carve, but I can’t use that, a machine which is firmly attached and not able to move, to make usable parts to sell for most things (certain cuts, yes). It’s good for certain things (like making molds) and prototyping especially.

Cool idea, but so many things will fuck this up, that it won’t be practical.

I have tried to used those wheel for an autonomous robot in a competition and that suck so much. Very very inactivate wheels however they are cool cause you can make robots move diagonally.