CNC machine what ya got?

I will soon be moving out of my small apartment into our new house and with a garage come possibilities. I am shopping around for CNC mills right now. Here is the clear winner but it comes at a steep price. The tormach 440

Here is something I might consider just because its so cheap. The Blue Elephant 1212

Got anything else? No x-carve or openbuilds machines.

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my local makerspace has a tormach 1100

they’ve also got a cnc plasma cutter, it’s what I plan on making trucks with. image they’ve got a fuck ton of manual and CNC lathes and mills, huge shopbots, casting equipment, etc but I use those 2 the most often


I need to go check out a maker space here :smiley: probably way cheaper and my wife won’t have a fit…

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most just have tiny pcb mills, don’t get your hopes up :wink:

mine also has a waterjet and a large vac former but I don’t use either very often

Where do you live?

ok cause that’s not creepy :rofl:

hold on, i’ll grab a link to the website, it’s got all the tools listed here ya go

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:cry: 10char


Where is this makerspace? I’m willing to drive there just to use it Edit: Oh nvm just read ur reply to bimmer

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lol. it’s not all wonderful :wink:

gotta take the checkout classes for each machine, ($25-$115) a piece and also a membership on top of that, I think it’s $450 per year for students or $900 normally. let me know when you’re going :yum:

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The Taigs are super nice little mills, and not too expensive with the CNC conversion kit. But at the end of the day it is a desktop mill.

I’ve made all the parts for my eBoards on it.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the Goliath CNC…still hasn’t been released yet but looks promising. But I don’t think it’s designed for professional industrial work…more for hobbyists and personal projects.

If you can manage, all the manufacturers around me use Haas Mills. They are the industry standard. If you can find a makerspace around, or a manufacturing willing to take the time to cut your parts, that will be ideal

As someone who spent the first 4 years of my work life doing CNC and manual milling I dont see the Goliath performing anywhere near what I am looking for. Woodchips will ruin any measurement for the z axis.

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Holy shit, I can’t believe I didn’t know that is a thing.

@GrecoMan you may have changed my life

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My high school had 2 Haas CNC VF2 Mills and 2 Haas CNC TL Lathes. They were great when paired with solid works and MasterCamX7. Although idk what those cost, might be out of the budget for a personal CNC.

they start at 20k

Why have a BMW in your garage when you can have a Haas instead?


How do you know what car I drive?


10 char…


Something tells me a standard 120v outlet isn’t enough for a HAAS…oops