CNC machines advice

How much would one of these things cost… anyone have a recommendation on one that doesn’t break the bank and is small enough to fit in an apt?


What materials are you cutting?

Do you want a mill or a router?

What cutting envelope do you need?

Are you using it for hobby work or do you need daily repeatability at 12-24hr running rates?

What’s your budget? You can spend $500 or $100,000+


I think the key is what you’re making. I personally would “start with” a good 3d printer, CNC Router (Not full 5 axis machine, unless you’re a millionare) and maybe a small lathe or drill press. You can really get alot done with those, you could potentially CNC your own hangers,

Also, you can’t really run industrial equipment in your apartment. Most of it will trip the power fuse, but also can release some nasty gasses, and so at a minimum they should be ventilated with a small ventilation system. Just to solder without headache, you should have a fully open window and a strong fan pushing the smoke out.

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another thing is some of those machines can be obnoxiusly noisy disturbing your neighbors

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