Cnc mounts for Carbon GT in 63mm

I’m looking for someone to cnc some mounts for the carbon gt, I’m gutting the board and fitting it with all new internals. I want to use 6374s but they can’t be mounted to the stock mounts. Any help with this would be appreciated.

@marcmt88 has your back. I have some right now with 6374 on Supercarve trucks. These can also be mounted out back if you don’t need a tail or if you want a drop-through mount.

Thanks! Just messaged him

unik sells some as well

People have reported issues with the Unik ones including that the motors don’t fit without grinding off the whole lip. They also don’t have idler pulleys, can’t be mounted under the deck, and aren’t as strong.

link ? :slight_smile: i’m about to buy them so I could use some info by grinding the lip you mean the back of the deck ? i don’t care for undermount i especially want backmount like evolve. Yeah idler is something cool but I have never used some and never had the need to ( for now, I never break hard enough to get slipping belts )

Some peoples mounts broke ? why they are not as strong ?

There is not a link, it was mentioned in a chat elsewhere but not on

I don’t have many details any more but here were some pics they posted. The Unik mount looks as-if it was engineered and sent to production in a day without ensuring the design was ideal first






You get what you pay for, of course

I’m not aware of issues apart the fact that using Maytech sealed 63mm motors and on a specific gear ratio it is requested to grind the lip as you show it on the photos. This does not affect the solidity of the mount as it’s AL7075 but of course is not that ideal. The description on the product page has been updated a long time ago to make it clear and provide guidance.

The first batch was made to be used with the 6355 non sealed or SK motors. I updated the design as soon as I got informed to enable this versatility and will be getting the updated mounts in few days, so what you point has been improved as I do with all my parts for years now.

Apart from that, I don’t see any other issue or just let me know (as you state “including” which suggest that they may be others you’ve not pointed).

I’m also surprised to read from you that:

  • they are not as strong, how strong are we talking about?
  • you get what you pay for of course.

That brings some weird feelings and a bit of negativity but well, maybe it’s just my English.

edit: You can confirm that with Vlad, thanks to his quick feedback on making the mount more versatile, I’ll be sending him the updated mounts free of charge. I also think marc’s mount is really great for people that want to put the motors facing the front truck.


9.5mm thick aluminum

May I ask what for? I don’t think 9.5mm thick mounts would even fit on the truck.

9.5mm thick motor mounts, dual 6374 (Dark Matter brand) motors, and 15mm belts

– if it’s done right will barely fit :arrow_down: