CNC two piece angled riser design idea

Ive been thinking about cncing some angled risers, but the max thickness is 1 inch and I dont know how to weld. So i designed a two piece riser that is secured by the hex screws to the board and truck as well as two more screws in the middle that provide additional support.

Any thoughts? Do you think this will work or not?



how many degrees is the angle?

Are they close enough together to potentially mount on a drop through deck?


Don’t think we’ve seen an angled drop through riser yet

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If you wanna find the cheapest way do it by laser cut, also CNC of course, at least arround here is a lot cheaper than milling on a CNC

Any good source for a cheap CNC service?

You normally cant seeing they are all one piece. But since this bolts together it makes it possible.

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Wasnt thinking about drop through mounting, but thats a good idea. I’ll think about designs that can be drop mounted.

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It would definitely be nice. Open up more board options. Plus it gives the multi piece design a purpose.


3dhubs - but def. not super cheap

I’d suggest to 3D print the parts first to test fit and ensure your bolts can actually be inserted without hitting other things. Much cheaper is you know somebody or have one.

Similar to this?

you mean… similar to this which is a duplicate of what I did two years ago?

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3d hubs gone expensive over the last couple of months … :cry:

Do you know where I can get a set of these? I’m at the end of a build but stuck in a corner. I have channel trucks and a flat deck, so no turning without these. I’m desperate for a set of these if you know where I might find them.

@Slydunan these look exactly like mine: They’re still holding up


Where did you get those riser adapters?

My design. The ones on the market were way too expensive for me

Reversible 3 part riser. Also have a stupid basic version for ease of cutting.

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