Collaborative Design of a X truck mount thingy - With give-a-way for fun

I see that many have this X thing on top of their boards. I’m going to design and mill a set for myself now. I will start out and maybe put it up on a stream while I design, make cam paths and so on. When design is done I’ll head out and mill it.

The only thing I know by now is that they are going to be 41x64mm bolt pattern and the rest is not set in stone.

Everyone helping with a tip get on the list for 1 set of the designed X’s and when I’m done I’ll pick one username randomly off this list and send it to you for free if it’s within Europe and for a little shipping fee if it’s crazy fee to the rest of the world ^^ Nothing serious but just a little fun on a Wednesday evening.

Twitch stream link:

Since nobody came with any input I made this thing. xthing



you need to make those hole to work with new and old school holes

How hard would it be to make a center protrusion that would allow a single ShredLight to attach?


How are they fixed to the deck normally? Everything is possible I guess. I dont have a light on my so that might be a good idea :slight_smile:

they use these brackets.

How about making some with a charging port and hole for mounting an XT90-s?

Hmm. Might be simpler to make two M3 threaded holes and make the holder as a single part. I did design a holder for a voltmeter to be fixed that way but didn’t complete the design. Could be “modular” that way allowing different things to be mounted.

You could countersink the screws, though I’ve read that using a countersinking tool provides greater stress tolerance than machining the holes.

I’ve made a few designs of this and found it interesting to run fea on them