College board | 20.5" custom deck | 270kv motor | 2x multistar 3s 5200mah lipos | Gool RC 80A esc | 83mm green flwheel clones | Enertion mount and pulley

Okay so firstly this forum has been incredibly informative to my research and after seeing the search bar researching content is easy as pie! This is my first build so if anything seems as though it may not work please say as I am not an expert. I would also like to say thankyou to @Michaelinvegas’s help for showing me his basic parts build.

The parts:

Motor- 5065 270kv 3-8s brushless motor - £38 Battery - 2 x Multistar 3s 5200mah lipo - £24 ESC - 80A Gool rc 2-6s Deck - 20.5" homemade out of 7ply maple veneer. I based it off of the ohmboy board design I think? £42 Wheels - green flywheel clones - £30 Trucks - Caliber 8" - £41 Bolts and risers - £3.95 Heat shrink - 127pc - £2.80 Motor mount and pulley kit- Enertion - £80

Then some Xt60 connectors, 4mm banana plugs, a lipo indicator and this controller.


  1. Grip tape - whats the good stuff?

  2. How many Xt60 connectors do I need? Two?

  3. Will this then work?


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those multistars only have 10C discharge rate - at 5200mAh that is only 52A. It can work but is a little risky (especially because the C rating tends to be exaggerated by the manufacturer). Go for 20C and you will be fine.

The caliber trucks will have to be modified to fit enertions pulley kit. I would recommend going to diys website to get the abec 11 flyweel pulley kit.

I thought that wiring them in series would create 20c discharge as a 10400mah pack, would that not work?

I have already bought the enertion kit, but thankyou for reminiding me about it, I know I needed to but forgot to mention it :slight_smile:

1: you mean parallel - in parallel you would get 10400mAh at 10C - so 104A. But you would only have 3S voltage which is ridiculously low. 2: You want to have at least a 6S setup - so series is required which leaves the capacity the same and thus the discharge rate.

Oh okay, that is where I must have misread the forum, so you are saying get 2 x 20c discharges?

I think “informative” is the word you’re looking for in that first sentence, not informal. Have fun in college!

Thankyou for that…dont know why I said that…I have now changed it

no sweat! When you say your board in home-made, are you pressing it yourself?

Yes it is but it is flat, I took a long time to plan it, i will upload pictures when I get back as I am currently at college, but I may try to enclose the batteries inside the board like Bolt did.

yes - 20C at 5Ah - not 20C at 2Ah though!

Okay thanks, the only reason I opted for these was due to the fact that they are easily splitable to create 2 slimline packs that can then be wired in series

you can try that with any lipo pack. or go for the bigger 10Ah version as the 10C rate is enough in that case.

Oh okay, do you have any recommendationa by any chance as batteries have mixed reviews it seems


  1. For grip tape: This is the good stuff

  2. Always get extra connectors - you never know when you’ll need them

  3. Looks like it’ll work to me

Great thanks for the links. Are these the connectors that I will use to wire the lipos in series?

Yes, they should be. I would also advise buying some 12 AWG wire for when you wire everything in series. For my build, I made a series adapter, parallel adapter, and single battery adapter.

I used xt90 for my ESC, but it won’t make a difference if you use xt60

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Great! :slight_smile: thanks for the image. I can do that easily.

The battery will not work well drawing at 10c, using 4 instead of 2 batteries, should do the trick.

Real world drone tests show ~5c should be the max draw. 3c sustained.