College Cruiser V3 HUMMIE Hubz | FOCBOX UNITY | 12s2p | Fiberglass Enclosure

My original small Arbor Rally build from 2016 can be seen here:

Then it all changed here again: Well finally, here is where it’s come to. The past summer and fall semesters at UF I have been running 2 focbox’s paired with an old chopped up space cell pro. Not very waterproof (although I ran through plenty of Florida afternoon showers), ugly, and this battery has been through hell and back. While it was bulletproof (have ridden it every day for almost a year now in its current form, let alone the hubs and battery on previous boards), I wanted something cleaner.

here is it before I made my upgrades over winter break: 20181219_223046

The gameplan: 12s2p (higher speed, less cells than my 10s3p) FOCBOX UNITY (duh, plus space saving) Fiberglass case clean up aesthetic

First issue: so this was a TB 12s2p pack I intended to chop up and fit to my own case; ironically it was longer than my 10s3p space cell. You can see how much wasted space (Plus a random xt90 connector?) is inside the TB plastic shell.20181225_151603 20181225_151807

After eliminating that plastic endpiece and the internal xt90, I was closure to the length I wanted. The Rally is a 30" deck so space savings are critical.

Because the UNITY and BMS are almost on top of each other, my fiberglass case required a small hump towards the back; I think it turned out nicely aside from the crappy paint job I did… It was a matt truckbed liner heavy paint that dripped in areas; I should have used lighter coats. Cold weather slowed cure times down, something my Floridian self didn’t account for and there are faint fingerprints in the middle. No time for a repaint though I had to get back to college; it will get beat up in no time anyways! 20181229_165237 20181230_112014 20181230_112008 20181230_112002 20181230_111955 20181230_100527 20181230_122232

here are some final images in my dorm room: next board I will finish is my roommates20190107_201756 20190107_201854 20190107_201910 20190107_201817 Additionally, there is a weatherstrip layer between the enclosure and deck for waterproofing. I will also be changing out the long bolts for shorter ones soon, and plugging the old 4 holes in the deck from its previous space cell.


Looks real good man. Go get that education!


lots of fun classes this semester like Physics w/ Calc 2 (E & M stuff), Calc 3, CAD, and professional development :sweat_smile:


Ooh have fun in Calc 3. Calc 2 was semi interesting still. Don’t go to Calc 4…


enjoy biot savart law and fubini in r3! they a doozy :smiley:


this is borderline English


Oh man… my calc 3 was with this polish guy that didn’t know what he was writing half the time. Somehow pulled out a B in that class

Physics with Calc 2 is also horrible, unless you like / understand electromagnetics. “derive the formula for the magnetic field traveling through a semicircular wire” ----> have fun.

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Totally. /s

I just saw your other build thread, and I actually almost went to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo! ’ I got in there and UF, but going from Florida —> Cali was going to be a big change and overall more money than I wanted to spend on undergrad. I was so close and waited until the last minutes to chose because I really didn’t know which was a better fit for me.

This was a drone shot I got of the city from when I was visiting the school and hiked that trail in the bottom of the photo: GOPR5415


Loving the deck colour + orange tape to match the unity :sweat_smile: nice upgrades!

Cal Poly is a great school! I have a few friends going there. Thats a great shot from above! I’ve visited the campus before and it’s pretty nice

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Haha easy thing. We have already had that lessons in high school

Lul not in America huh

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Just perfect and inspiring :sparkles::ok_hand: